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Free Range Kid

As a very young child, I was allowed to run free. I lived in a place called Bon Secour, a very small town in Alabama. It was  located some distance from anything that could reasonably be called a “city.” My cousin Lea , a few year younger than me,  and I knew all the roads, side roads and trails by the time I was ten. We were given the freedom to run and explore. We knew in which yards grew scuppernong grapes, plums, and  free fruit for the picking. We knew the dogs of our little community by name and which were friendly and which were to be
avoided.  We knew the names of the store owners, the mailman and the guy at the gas station. We knew were to catch the best and biggest fish and which fields were baited in the fall for dove and quail hunting. I was given a BB gun at age eleven and I set out into the world to shoot pretty much that was small and moved.   I could mount it across the handle bars of my Schwinn Stingray and nobody would give me second look as I peddled several miles to the local fisheries to hunt rodents.  At the fisheries, my friend Chris and I could shoot the sea-roaches off the piers from twenty feet.  We made beer can top chains by collecting pop-tops down at the gas station. I’d occasionally go the next town which was Foley to see my grandmother.  This was ten miles away. We were allowed to go into the drug store alone and purchase a twenty five cent malt or go into “The Galley”, the local tavern on the river and play pinball for a dime.  The Bon Secour river was fed by natural springs. When the weather was particularly hot, we could pedal our bikes up to the head of the river,  where and the water was really cold. This was  a treasured place called “The Ice Box”.  This was particularly refreshing after a long bike ride.

These were my summer days. It was pretty much the same for all of the boys in our community. Nobody scheduled our days, nobody organized our fun and nobody watched over our shoulders. We were simply free to be. I often wonder if this childhood isn’t the planted seed that grew into my libertarian world view today. Could it be that my desire for a society of free people enjoying their liberties to have roots in that 1970s era freedom I experienced as a child? Frankly, it is hard see how the freedom I experienced could not be what I long for in the grown up world.That  really worries me.  Now that I am much older and reflect with three boys of my own,  I worry even more.  I worry about the adults that will arise from childhoods being experienced today. Everywhere I look, children are being scheduled and hovered over. Intense sports training begins at age four, helicopter mothers never let children out of their sight. Kids are fenced in, programmed and continuously managed by adults. What kind of future  will we have? What kind of world will these heavily managed children grow up to build? Will they long for the wide open spaces and pure freedom that I experienced? Or will they build a structured, managed, constricted severely controlling society that is based on the only world they know?   I’m getting older every day and with that,  it is more than ever clear, that these kids will eventually be politicians, judges and our leaders.  There is still nothing I can do, but it still worries me.



North Korea on Disarmament?

I wouldn’t believe this  if I didn’t see it myself!




Despite numerous breaches of arms embargoes and continued threats to expand its nuclear weapons program, North Korea has assumed the presidency of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament. In a speech to the 65-nation arms control forum in Geneva, the newly-appointed president… I still can’t even say it without laughing out loud, North Korean Ambassador So Se Pyong, said he was “very much committed to the Conference.”

The United Nations: It parodies itself

Anti-Discrimination: The Right to Take From Others

The Democrat version of the latest health care package or “ObamaCare”,  as I call it, was initiated because some people claim to have “
no-access-to-health-care” issues. Others claim that the reason for a government sponsored health plan is to combat the rising cost of health care.  I’m pretty sure that ObamaCare will do neither.

The OB-GYN that delivered my three children is no longer providing childbirth services and only does routine exams, general women’s
health services etc.; the liability of delivering babies has became too great for this practice.  Our physician got out of this particular aspect of his profession long before we even heard of Candidate Obama.  He claimed that he can no longer pay malpractice premiums. There are several OB-GYN clinics in my area that are no longer providing delivery services. My hospital is one of the last remaining delivery centers. We stay in business only because my employer happens to be a state funded teaching hospital which has a rather shallow tort cap in place. The link to high health care cost is clearly a tort reform issue.

The 1017 page ObamaCare health plan hasn’t a single word written towards any type of tort reform. It does contain a whole lot of words towards a much larger problem facing medical care today, and that is entitlement. This is the notion that doctors are required to treat certain patients in private practice, or inversely that patients are entitled to
receive medical treatment from a specific physician is ridiculous.  Part of this problem with ObamaCare is that it “promises” everything to everyone. You are entitled to health care.  You are entitled to be taken care of.  You are entitled to receive services regardless of your own personal history, actions, or lifestyle. If I want to smoke three packs a day and drink vodka with both hands, that is my business,
right?  Well, it shouldn’t be just all right. If we are all paying, there should be some sort of control.

The other part of this problem the Obama plan makes a feeble attempt to correct is discrimination.  This problem lies with the theory that all discrimination is bad and must be abolished, which is patently absurd.  All discrimination is not bad — in fact it’s quite necessary and on many levels and in many situations is perfectly rational, reasonable and equitable.  Banks discriminate based on one’s ability or
inability to pay off debt. Car insurance companies discriminate against bad drivers. Basketball teams discriminate against short people.  We discriminate everyday by the choices we make in where to live, shop, and send our kids to school.  We use reasoning and logic to make dozens of decisions every day, each with a component of discrimination.

If I buy my car, I must have insurance before I can drive it off of the lot.  It is a law to provide insurance for your vehicle if you drive on the public streets or Oregon, and I believe that this is true for most states in America today.  If you drive fast, drink alcohol, or do practically anything particularly reckless, you get a ticket.  If you get a ticket proving you are exhibiting a risky lifestyle with your car, your insurance rates go up.   Why should this any different in the health insurance industry?  I have a neighbor who has a sedentary lifestyle, drinks, smokes, and eats pork rinds all day.  I eat healthy, watch my weight, and exercise regularly.  Why do I pay the same health insurance rates as my neighbor?  It isn’t fair and it isn’t right!  Well, to make it even further, I pay a incredible high premium for my health care while my neighbor pays no health care at all. Yet he gets faster care.  This is gone completely backwards. To save money, the Obama plan should take into account a person’s lifestyle and charge him accordingly.  If a person doesn’t want to pay much for his health care, then he should be able to get the minimum care.  Say only “major medical” coverage. If someone wants everything done when he is sick even private room
and private nurse, then he has the option of paying the “premium plan”. If someone wants to smoke cigarettes and to have no health care insurance at all, he should have the option to opt out.  … And with this “opt out” option, Health care providers would be under no obligation give him multiple level treatments for his lung cancer. A lower cost hospice care would be made available for a reasonable fee (paid up front).

The same progressives think that by having the government intervene, all discrimination can be eliminated;  Everyone can have everything, no matter what their personal situation.  This is, of course, fantasy land as witnessed in the housing market.  Now we’re going to give it a try in the insurance market and expect different results?  The reality never changes,  everybody cannot have everything equally.  You might just as well pass a law that says a casino must provide equal odds for everyone that walks in.  Discrimination is necessary and required no matter how badly the liberals want to eliminate it.  The question is whether you want that discrimination performed in the private sector or by government, but make no mistake it will still happen.  It must be there or the system will collapse.  In the private sector, OB-GYN doctors refuse obese, high risk and patients without an extensive prenatal history.  In the government’s hands, you get rationed medicine. They decide who gets what treatments, when, why, how much and which caregiver. The best we can do is keep the decisions in the hands of the public (that is private industry) so that we can not only continue to deliver the best health care in the world, but through competition we can keep the prices as low as possible. With the planned government controlled healthcare that is threatening us, we will have neither.


The Anti-War Movement is Officially Dead

I guess that the antiwar movement in America is dead, killed; it doesn’t care a whit whether we assassinate bin Laden, a son of Qaddafi, or send troops into Libya, or if we bomb Yemen or how many Predator drones we send into Pakistan or even how many American troops have died this month in Afghanistan or Iraq. Everything is on the table now and there are no self-restraints, no cutting jokes on The Daily Show, no cutting comments on Letterman, no Barbara Streisand crazy commercials. A Nobel peace laureate is now the Left’s totem and he can send very deadly Special Units on quite deadly missions as he sees fit — and without worry about a New York Times op-ed barrage or an ACLU lawsuit. This gives the new U.S. government a newfound advantage, a veritable blank check, from keeping Guantanamo open indefinitely to using a Cheney “assassination Squad” and valuable water-boarded intelligence whenever it wishes.

It seems like just yesterday that George Bush was President and CNN was explaining how disgusting it was that “harsh interrogation techniques” were used to obtain valuable information from Iraqi terrorists. It was explained that everyone who took part in obtaining that information are criminals and that the information gained was unreliable, illegal and should have been destroyed.

Now it is a different time. Obama is the new leader and as water boarding was used to put the intelligence community on the right track to kill Osama bin Laden, it’s just fine.

I didn’t agree with going to Afghanistan when we originally went. I didn’t agree with sending troops to Iraq. President Bush went to Congress with his concerns and our representatives voted on the matter. The majority won and we went to war. Although I didn’t agree, but because it was the will of the people, I didn’t complain. However, practically on every corner, there were war protesters, picketers, petition signers, and a host of disgruntled people chanting “no more war for oil”. I even heard sermons in church on how we shouldn’t be at war with the poor Iraqi people.

Now that the ruling party has changed from Republican to Democrat, everything is just fine. Not only do we still have wars raging in Iraq and Afghanistan with no end in sight. Obama has started a war with Libya, bombed Yemen, invaded Pakistan, and attacked Syria with Predator drones. All of this is still perfectly OK. I am not fine with any of this. I ask one simple question… where the heck are all the protesters? I didn’t agree then and I certainly don’t agree now especially since the last four conflicts listed that were initiated by our fearless Commander in Chief, were started on his own. That is, without a vote from Congress, without the consent of the people. Not only are those “peace protesters” mysteriously absent, but many of my friends on the left are proud to support Obama’s exploits by shouting that Obama did the job that Bush could not do.

The hard fact that I seem to struggle with, is that the “Peace” movement in the US was never really there. It was always just a leftist facade. Merely a tool to bash conservatives and then be placed in a case marked “Open only in case of Elections”. The anti-war movement was phony, a cynical gathering of partisan Democrats who were really never all that concerned for the devastation, loss of life and economic hardships that a war brings. They got what they wanted… Obama, their hero. Now no one cares anymore.

When I get really tired of hearing the liberal drivel from my coworkers , I like to throw out this little fun fact:

Obama has launched more cruise missiles and is directly responsible for more death and destruction than all the other Nobel Peace Prize winners combined!

Hello world!

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