A Nurse With Attitude

Where Dark Cynical Humor, Nursing Issues, and Politics Seem to Merge

Hello world!

Welcome to my site.

I am a Registered Nurse. I’ve done ER, ICU, Industrial, Oncology, and even management in my practice.  I am now a perioperative nurse. I work in the Operating Room of a large inner city teaching hospital.  I am occasionally irritablebecause I feel like I’m constantly surrounded by liberals.   I like to discuss current events, local events, politics and healthcare. I’m a runner, biker, hiker, photography enthusiast, and a proud firearm owner.  I am willing to discuss just about anything.  I wanted to get the blog up and running to discuss current events, the economy, our failure of a president, second amendment rights, and issues with health care.  Anyone can feel free to jump in.  I’m just getting started and still working up the learning curve.  I hope to have some interesting stuff soon.

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