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The Anti-War Movement is Officially Dead

I guess that the antiwar movement in America is dead, killed; it doesn’t care a whit whether we assassinate bin Laden, a son of Qaddafi, or send troops into Libya, or if we bomb Yemen or how many Predator drones we send into Pakistan or even how many American troops have died this month in Afghanistan or Iraq. Everything is on the table now and there are no self-restraints, no cutting jokes on The Daily Show, no cutting comments on Letterman, no Barbara Streisand crazy commercials. A Nobel peace laureate is now the Left’s totem and he can send very deadly Special Units on quite deadly missions as he sees fit — and without worry about a New York Times op-ed barrage or an ACLU lawsuit. This gives the new U.S. government a newfound advantage, a veritable blank check, from keeping Guantanamo open indefinitely to using a Cheney “assassination Squad” and valuable water-boarded intelligence whenever it wishes.

It seems like just yesterday that George Bush was President and CNN was explaining how disgusting it was that “harsh interrogation techniques” were used to obtain valuable information from Iraqi terrorists. It was explained that everyone who took part in obtaining that information are criminals and that the information gained was unreliable, illegal and should have been destroyed.

Now it is a different time. Obama is the new leader and as water boarding was used to put the intelligence community on the right track to kill Osama bin Laden, it’s just fine.

I didn’t agree with going to Afghanistan when we originally went. I didn’t agree with sending troops to Iraq. President Bush went to Congress with his concerns and our representatives voted on the matter. The majority won and we went to war. Although I didn’t agree, but because it was the will of the people, I didn’t complain. However, practically on every corner, there were war protesters, picketers, petition signers, and a host of disgruntled people chanting “no more war for oil”. I even heard sermons in church on how we shouldn’t be at war with the poor Iraqi people.

Now that the ruling party has changed from Republican to Democrat, everything is just fine. Not only do we still have wars raging in Iraq and Afghanistan with no end in sight. Obama has started a war with Libya, bombed Yemen, invaded Pakistan, and attacked Syria with Predator drones. All of this is still perfectly OK. I am not fine with any of this. I ask one simple question… where the heck are all the protesters? I didn’t agree then and I certainly don’t agree now especially since the last four conflicts listed that were initiated by our fearless Commander in Chief, were started on his own. That is, without a vote from Congress, without the consent of the people. Not only are those “peace protesters” mysteriously absent, but many of my friends on the left are proud to support Obama’s exploits by shouting that Obama did the job that Bush could not do.

The hard fact that I seem to struggle with, is that the “Peace” movement in the US was never really there. It was always just a leftist facade. Merely a tool to bash conservatives and then be placed in a case marked “Open only in case of Elections”. The anti-war movement was phony, a cynical gathering of partisan Democrats who were really never all that concerned for the devastation, loss of life and economic hardships that a war brings. They got what they wanted… Obama, their hero. Now no one cares anymore.

When I get really tired of hearing the liberal drivel from my coworkers , I like to throw out this little fun fact:

Obama has launched more cruise missiles and is directly responsible for more death and destruction than all the other Nobel Peace Prize winners combined!

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