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Dogs and Cats

We have so much stress, so much really bad stuff happening in the world today. Our economy is spiraling into a full blown depression, The national debt and government spending is out of control. The housing market is at 70% default, Unemployment is at 19.6% (in my state). American’s are dying needlessly fighting in conflicts of pure politics. We are at war with Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya. The entire Middle East is on fire. Our political leaders are completely clueless as to what to do …
I occasionally suffer from all the informational and worldly stress overload. Sometimes I just like to turn off the TV, radio and computer and just sit on the porch and feel the summer breeze on my face and forget about the stress and everyday hassles. Maybe have a glass of Merlot and a small block of cheese. I like to talk about things that do not relate to current political, social issues, or even work related things. When I’m in one of these dark type moods, I enjoy talking about things that have nothing to do with anything.
I went shopping the other day at SafeWay for some groceries. On walking out, I saw a bumper sticker that said, “the more I know about women, the more I love my dog.” I laughed out loud. I may have been a little too robust as the person in the car over stared at me like I had three heads. It just struck me funny as I thought, why exactly does a guy enjoy the company dog but prefers to live with a woman.
A dog loves to be with you. A dog doesn’t spend any of your money or run up your credit card without your permission. A dog lives to just sit and listen to your stories about fishing, hunting or whatever. A dog loves just go for a ride in the country, go to the shooting range, camping or just hiking in the woods. A dog will drop everything to go fishing with you, and he won’t catch anything bigger than you do. He loves to watch the same shows on TV that you like. The woman that you actually live with… well, no promises on any of that.
My wife has new cat that she loves. His name is Tod. I have never understood why women love cats. Cats are independent, they don’t listen, they don’t come when you call, They don’t pay any attention to you, they stay out all night, and when they stay home they like to be left alone and sleep all day. In other words, every quality they hate in a man, they love in a cat. Why is this. Maybe it is true about the theory how opposites attract. This is why I laughed today and this is one of the many things that I ponder while sitting on my porch with my wine.


Being Narrow Minded

As a Registered Nurse, I am required to be tolerant of everyone’s beliefs, cultures, faiths, and customs.  When someone comes into my ER,  I never ask questions, I just fix them. I feel that I give high quality health care to everyone regardless of their skin color, age, economic strata, what they do, what they believe in, or how they got this injury in the first place.  All I see is a person in desperate need and I do my absolute very best to help them. I also happen to be a Christian. I don’t think that this alone should bias me, but my liberal friends claim that my faith alone makes me “a narrow minded racist, and intolerant of all others.” I’m not offended as most liberals assume this about all Christians.  In my profession, I must work with all cultures, faiths, and beliefs… even  liberals, and I am even tolerant and understanding with them.  I have taken several classes and study regularly in order to better understand other cultures and customs. I have read through the Koran as well as taken a university level class on “Comparative Religion” and for the life of me, I can’t understand the mentality of “honor killing”.  This seems to be a common custom unique to  the Muslim faith.  I frequently read stories of the horrendous acts of brutality inflicted on women in the name of preserving honor.  I try very hard to be objectionable and to understand their way of thinking and why this is done. However, I find it very difficult.  For example, I read a story last week where a family in Saudi Arabia, had a neighbor over for dinner. While the father was distracted, the neighbor brutally raped the 12 year old daughter. The father hearing the commotion, responded and actually caught  the neighbor in the act.  What happened next?  The “guest” went back to his home
and the daughter was beaten and killed for “dishonoring the family.”  She was thrown out into the street and no one  claimed her broken body.  I’m not going to say what I would have done to my neighbor had I been in that fathers shoes,  catching a neighbor forcing his way with my daughter.  I do know however, that the story probably  would have had a very similar ending… with a dead body laying in the street.  Why do the men of this culture have so little respect for their women?  Why do these men think that life is of so little value?  I may never understand.  As a registered nurse, my entire career had  been dedicated to helping people of all walks of life.  These people have no education, except for  studies in the Koran, and yet I am the one that is judged as ignorant and  intolerant.  My mind is wide open if  anyone had a rational, logical reason why these atrocities are committed and why  it should be accepted as a common practice.   Otherwise, I may start believing my liberal friends thinking that I could
actually be “narrow minded” incapable of  understanding the strangeness of this bizarre culture.

The End Is Near… For Obama-Care

Hey, This is kind of off the cuff… I know… I’ve blathered on and on about political stuff and after all, I’m a nurse. And this blog is named, after all, “A Nurse With An Attitude”.  I probably should get on and start a little talk about nursing stuff. Or at least health care stuff.  Well, I just lost a huge amount of money directly because of the shenanigans played by Obama and our short sighted Congress.  Lets say that I’m just a little bitter and I want to vent by saying a few nasty things about them… thus my last few posts.  I just read that the Obama-Care health plan is officially on hold.  It was labeled “unconstitutional” by the Florida State Supreme Court.  This could be the beginning of the death of President Obama’s new national health care law.  The Obama lawyers have put forth an appeal, but what it seems that all of this posturing and legal wrangling will do nothing except gain this law a fast track to the United States Supreme Court.  Once there, the fate of this law will be decided on once and for all.

Well, Is It A Baby or Not?

I know, abortion has been discussed and discussed ..but  I have personally found most people invest too much of their own agenda into the discussion, so an honest and thoughtful debate is rarely to be found and usually disintegrates into name calling and finger pointing.
There are Christians who believe that abortion is totally wrong.  Liberal America (51% of American by Obama’s vote) are all about pro-abortion, stem cell research, genetic research and all of the perk’s that go along with an abortion. As a medical professional,  I tend to shy away from this topic because I do not want the discussion to be merely about conservative religious viewpoints, and liberal talking points on women’s rights.
Most laws going through Congress and eventually signed into law, are by nature, rather conservative or moderate.  Very left leaning liberals get quite frustrated with this process.  To make matters worse, the conservatives ruled the roost for many years.  The liberal views just could not get out through the standard process. That process being, electing an official, have him post a bill, bring it to a vote, and it becomes a law.  Without this avenue, most liberals work  to utilize the third branch of the government, the judicial system.  Judges are appointed for life and answer to no one. For once, the simple majority doesn’t matter. If a liberal activist judge is appointed, there is nothing that can be said or done as a protest.  Decisions are made, and by precedence, becomes law.  What eventually got me started on this path was a controversial decisions recently made by a liberal judge.
It seems that if a criminal  kills a woman in an act of violence, and later it is discovered that this woman was pregnant,  the criminal can be charged with two homicides?  How is this?  It seems that if a woman wants a baby or maybe she even had a difficult time getting pregnant, there is an investment of “human rights” to the unborn fetus. If the woman doesn’t want the baby and wants to have an abortion on demand even if it is near the time of birth, then it is just a plain ole “fetus” with no rights at all.
This is one of the many conundrums, double standards, and unfair decisions  that liberals seem to continuously  propagate to further whatever cause they seem to be working on at the moment. And for some strange reason, this is accepted by all, liberals and conservatives alike. I prefer the democratic process to make decisions for the people. Lets all just vote in a referendum election or maybe we can actually elect officials to debate the issue for us. Only liberals tend to utilize an activist judge to get their point across… usually against the will of a majority of the people. This  problem leads me to ask?… can a fetus be defined objectively as a human  being, only by the opinion of the woman who carries it? It seems that some people define a child by the same value as property.  That is it is considered an actual child only if it has value or worth by the original owner.  This is truly a sad state that we live in.

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