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How About a Hot Steaming Cup of Hypocrisy

In living in the great state of Oregon, the amazement never ceases.  The headlines in the Oregonian today was “Kitzhaber blocks all executions.”  He goes on to say that Oregon’s death penalty, the justice system and the delivery of punishment “is a perversion.”   It seems that our Governor is now suddenly pro-life. The Oregonian commented, “being a physician, twice he has found himself torn between his physicians oath to do no harm and the Oregon constitution.”

As a registered nurse, it galls me to see anyone, especially a physician, talk out of both sides of his mouth about fairness in life and death and a commitment to do no harm.  I am not a death penalty advocate. I am a pro-life advocate… all life.  It seems that governor Kitzhaber has the ability to forget about his special oath, yet still bring it out and dust it off when it suits his political agenda.  

The governor has been advocating killing innocents outright, but somehow finds a conscious when it comes to saving a convicted murderer.  The Governor can’t have it both ways, either pro-life or pro-death.  He has been a strong supporter of abortion on demand, not to mention paying for it with our tax dollars. He is also a strong supporter of “physician assisted suicide” which he happily signed into law.

Why is our governor eager to sign legislation to kill an innocent life near the time of birth yet cannot sign for a convicted killer to die?  Why can our governor sign the law to kill the elderly or sick but cannot bring himself to give approval to a fellow man who not only wants to die himself, but has petitioned the state for the right to die?


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