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Merry Christmas To All, Even A-hole Atheists

Every year it seems we go through the same crap with atheists and liberals wanting to get rid of Christmas. I have never understood why atheists and liberals would get so worked up over a holiday proudly celebrated in America since America was founded. But, then again, I has never understood atheists or that mental illness called liberalism. I have come to the conclusion that liberals and their ilk are just miserable bitter people who hate American traditions, as well as America itself.

I always get a kick out of everyone saying “Happy Holidays” to me these days. I always reply “Merry Christmas.” So far, I have never had anyone get offended. I would really be surprised if anyone did get offended. Then if it happened, I’d say “Merry Christmas, a**hole!” I have Jewish friends who aren’t offended if I wish them a Merry Christmas and I, in turn, would not be offended if they told me Happy Hanukkah. Hell, I might even go in for a Happy Kwanzaa. But I’m just a big diversity-embracing kind of guy!

What all this comes down to is the usual political correctness where everything American is bad and everything not American is good. In PC America, we must honor every goofy or stupid foreign culture of every foreigner who has ever invaded us while falling all over ourselves apologizing for our own culture.

I’m tired of being told I have to feel guilty or bad about being an American. Because I don’t, Never will. I’m not an African-American, German-American, Polish-American. I AM an American.   I am proud of my country. I’m a patriot. I believe our culture and country are better than any other culture or country in the world. I won’t apologize for it. The last thing I’m concerned about are foreigners and their opinions about America! I was born here…they came here. What I think is way more important than what they think when it comes to American culture and values.

Same goes for enemies of Christmas.  This country is a Christian country founded from its beginning with Christian values. If Christmas offends you, then stay home and think about “tolerance and diversity.”  Or study that mantra you keep feeding us Christian Americans respecting your sensitivities.   Because the vast majority of Americans celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus, no one forces Atheists to go to church or pray. No one forces them to pay any attention to Christmas or even celebrate the Christmas holidays. And since the vast majority of Americans are Christian, don’t make a fuss over a nativity scene at Town Hall. It’s not hurting anything. If atheists are offended by a nativity scene or Christmas tree, they can just walk away,  much like the atheists expect me to walk away and be mute when I see a crucifix suspended in urine displayed as a tax dollar funded “art” display.  Plant an atheist tree or watch Star Trek or whatever it is you atheists do through the holiday season. Nobody will care. Just leave Christmas alone!

I’m about ready for America to be for Americans again. Foreign cultures? Don’t care.  Atheists offended? Don’t care.  I’m going to enjoy my freedoms and won’t apologize for anything. Offended? Kiss my patriotic American butt, And , oh yea, have a very Merry Christmas!


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