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John’s Predictions for 2012

Sorry I can’t be cheerful and upbeat all the time.  There seems to be bad things going on in the world, and with Obama’s current track record backed up by the line-up of clowns posing as Republican candidates I seen no end in sight.  So with all this in mind… here’s John’s Predictions for 2012.

1.        Israelwill attackIran

2.         More Middle East countries will come under radical Islamic control.

3.         Several European countries will experience a financial default.

4.         There will be widespread racial and class strife / riots in America (The Occupy Movement and class warfare stoking during the Presidential campaign)

5.         The U.S. Economy will slip back into a recession and likely move rapidly to a depression state.

6.         America, through Obama, will not provide strong support to Israel in it’s decision to attack Iran. Many thousands of Jews in Israel will die.

7.         Newt Gingrich will win the Republican Presidential nomination due to Middle Eastern turmoil.  Gasoline will top eight dollars a gallon.

8.         Christians worldwide will come under widespread attack

9.         There will be several successful terrorist attacks inAmerica

10.       There will be severe restrictions on American civil liberties in the wake of civil unrest and terrorist attacks

11.       U.S. unemployment will surpass 10.0%

12.       Inflation will rise to 10%

13.       There will be several attempted political assignations inAmerica

14.       President Obama will remain President through 2013 via the suspension of the November 2012 elections.

15.       The current Mayan calendar cycle will end in December. The world unfortunately won’t.

Happy New Year!


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