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Obama is Still Really Popular!

Well,  I know that I was not suppose to take a political holiday, but I just ran across an article that I just couldn’t pass up.  It seems that the republicans, Mitt and Newt are in for a real fight.  It seems that Barack Obama is still very popular!… especially inChina.

Many Americans may have fallen out of love with Barack Obama, but apparently the president of theUnited Statesis still an object of serious affection for the Chinese, who have remodeled him as a blow-up sex doll.

Who would know that Barack Obama  would rekindle the sex doll trade inChina. Apparently the Chinese really love Obama.

A doll wearing a dark blue suit and red tie, and with Mr. Obama’s face carefully screen-printed onto its head, was exhibited at the recent Sex Culture Festival in the southern city ofGuangzhou.

The doll was photographed by Chinese state media nestling behind several other standard plastic female toy dolls for effect.

The Mr. Obama doll is widely popular inChinaand a has become a best-seller. The manufacturer has stated that the President is incredibly popular and is shipping out “world wide” faster than they can produce them! Who knew.

TheGuangzhoushow, which was only open to adults to enter and was visited by “hundreds of thousands” of people, according to a spokesman for the Guangdong Gongchuang Economic Development.  From the opening day, it was said, the demand for the Obama doll “has been overwhelming!”



OK, I know that I’ve been obsessing lately about the current events in our country and the politics of it all.  It is hard for me to divert when I feel that the whole world is going to heck in a hand basket and the cause is so clear.  Well, I’ll try to divert to Nursing, or Humor or something a little more light for a few days just to keep from being too glum.  With all that said, here you go…

When I was a kid, we played baseball and went fishing, went exploring in the swamp… you know, “outdoorsy” kind of stuff.  I never knew Playstation until I was about forty, so I really don’t get the fascination with video games like the current generation has.   Now that we live in the age of Playstation, X-Box and text messaging, you would think that eventually this particular skill would be utilized by a patient:  Rapid Thumb Movement.  (RTM)  is the ability to flex the thumb up and down at a rapid pace. This is a skill that is highly practiced among the youth of today.

I recently cared for a young man who had surgery for a severe open tibial fracture from a skate boarding mishap.  He used his video game,  “RTM skills” to press the button on his PCA pump 186 times in one hour.

For those not mathematically inclined: 3.1 times per minute, or once every 20 seconds

Despite repeated attempts to educate the young man in the proper technique of PCA use (less is more, and more is less), he refused to heed. So instead of getting a max of 10 doses an hour (1 ml q 6 minutes), he settled for 3 doses that particular hour.

The moral:

RTM may work on PlayStation to get the high score, but it doesn’t do squat for a morphine PCA pump in RL.

Three Years Ago Today…

Three years ago today…

Newly inaugurated President Barack Obama signed an executive order requiring the closure of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility within one year. The facility remains open.

With this act, he established the manner in which he would get things done in his administration.

Most of those who, during the Bush years, were outraged at the existence of Gitmo have completely lost interest in it. I guess its ok to have double standard if you’re a Democrat.

First Snow

Well…  the snow started  falling in Oregon.  I was born and raised in Alabama.  Once I got married, I moved around quite a bit.  I lived in Virginia, Texas, Montana and now I live in Portland Oregon.  I have never seen such mindless hysteria as I have seen here.  We didn’t get snow that often in Alabama, but when we did, things went on as usual.  The kids were ecstatic to be out of school. The parents were proportionately unhappy to be driving to work in the slush with the added bonus of having to find child care on the fly.  I also lived in Montana for six years.  Being from Alabama, I was the butt of a lot of jokes.  No matter how bad it snowed, everyone always made it to work on time.  It could be six feet deep and if I happened to be just five minutes late for work, they would all tease me relentlessly saying things like, “Did the Alabama boy have a tough time in the snow today?… Did your little hands get cold?… Maybe we can get you a little sled…” As a result, I became very self reliant.  I got up early on snow days. I packed flares, extra gas, and emergency supplies in my truck.  I even got a snow cat, for when the snow was too deep for my truck.  No matter what the weather, I was never late.

It’s simple… I get out of bed a little bit early, and I get a little earlier start (with my emergency supplies just in case) to set off for the day.  I drive a little slower and with a little more caution. I always get there, if not on time, a little early.  That’s it. Anyone could do it.  But here in Oregon, common sense just goes out the window.  The drivers here not only totally wig out with the tiniest bit of snow, they have no common sense to boot.  This morning, there was some ice on the off ramp, from the interstate, heading to my place of work.  At the end of the off ramp, there was a red light.  The car in front of me skidded a little when the light turned green.  The lady totally stopped the car, got out and ran away as if her car was on fire.  She abandoned her car, blocking two lanes of traffic… crazy.  A few years ago, my temper may have flared, and I might have said a few colorful metaphors to the hysterical lady.  Today, I calmly got my pen and made a note on my “to-do” list for me to “get a bigger brush guard for the truck” so that I can push idiot’s abandoned cars off into the ditch when this happens again.  I put my truck in four wheel drive and eased around the abandoned car and gently headed on to work.

When I got to work, there were 6 call-ins, (nurses and techs) and two doctors, because of the snow!  It’s funny…  100% of the patients made it to the hospital for their scheduled surgery.  Deaf, blind, amputee, it doesn’t matter, they all can make it with ease but the staff are all “snowed in!”

I have just one more observation about Oregon drivers.  After enduring the staffing shortfall, I got loose and headed home.  The snow had melted and there was only rain and icy slush on the roads. The traffic should have been moving along normally, but Noooo! The road was riddled with idiots.  The typical “on-ramp” is built to “get-on” or transition to the interstate.  It is intended to allow a person to accelerate to near hi-way speed and then merge into the flow of the traffic.  Today, a car had gone all the way to the end of the on-ramp and then stopped dead. He was looking  back into the stream of oncoming traffic waiting for a mile long break so that he could pull out at 4 mph… Grrr.

I’ve gotten a lot more tolerant since I’ve been living here… well almost … Let’s just say, after living here a few years, I have completely lost any tolerance for jokes about Alabama redneck drivers.

Happy MLK Day!



I get a paid day off in memory of Martin Luther King Jr!   God Bless his soul.  Most people don’t understand that MLK was  conservative in values.  Very different from the views taught by the liberals of today.  The memories and history of this great man, in recent history, been hi-jacked by modern liberals to promote the agenda.  It is unfortunate, but because of this, he has become a national icon in the history of modern American liberalism.

I look up to MLK as the great leader he was.  His most famous speech he said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.  In saying this, he envisioned a place where all people were to be treated as equals.  Not a country where some are more equal than others… as in modernAmericatoday.  He envisioned a place where the American dream was a reality for everyone and everyone could have the opportunity to pull themselves up out of poverty to be a success.   Not be made a modern day slave by being totally dependant on a government handout for food, clothing, and subsidized housing for the rest of your life.

There were many things that is now overlooked historically.  He was indeed a Christian and his faith was very important  to him. He was actually  a Baptist minister, and became an advocate for fairness and justice for all. These things are forgotten… or distorted. Things that are just not mentioned… like the fact that Mr. King was best know for using nonviolent methods of protest and he followed the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. Unlike like Senator Obama’s liberal use of the Teamsters and the Black Panthers to strong arm his enemies to get his way.  Our current President claims to be for fairness and justice, “just like MLK”.  But the (hypercritic) Barack Obama is very different.  I think if Martin Luther King Jr. were to witness the things that are going on today, in his name, he would be turning over in his grave.

Further Soilage of Terrorists

I know that I am beating a dead horse.  I usually just write a post to vent and move on to something else.  However, this issue has really gotten to me pissed.  I’ll say just one more thing on this topic and then I promise that I will move on to something more upbeat.

Today I heard that Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton are calling for a general court martial and serious prison time for these marines that soiled the dead terrorists.  What are we doing?  Hillary said that “this kind of action will very likely upset the Arab world”.  Everything upsets the Arab world,  they’re fanatics! And anyway, who cares if they get upset!   What will they do?  They are already sworn to kill us (all infidels).  Will they now really, really, really promise to kill us?  Does Hillary know that by putting on a huge display of getting all upset with these marines for not being respectful and politically correct only shows weakness to the Arab world.  This alone will get them majorly upset.  Has everyone completely forgotten the videos of Americans being beheaded?  Has everyone forgotten the videos of the bodies of dead American soldiers being dragged naked through the streets? I remember very well… they were sickening. Here’s the links:

Why are our political leaders so backwards?  It is a crime against humanity for a soldier to piss on a dead enemy who was trying to kill him, and very well probably has just killed a few of his close friends.  Yet when a degenerate takes a crap on the hood of a police car in a city park, it is called the “exercising their right to free speech” by these same politicians.

I think that our politicians need to get a dose or reality.  They need to realize that showing weakness will only make things worse.  Instead, they need to take a page from the famous leader General Pershing,  “make a promise toAmerica… anyone, anywhere  who threatens any American will  be hunted down and killed… and then your dead carcass will be humiliated spoiled so that you will be assured to burn in hell forever”.  This may not be biblically true, but it would do more for world peace than anything else our, so called, political leaders could imagine.

Soiling Terrorists

On the news this morning, all the major networks were all ablaze with the news of a handful of our US Marines urinating on the body of a dead Taliban.  On the surface this sounds like a bad thing. The entire News networks, the secretary of defense, the head of the marine corps, the secretary of state, President Karzi of Afghanistan and President Obama of USA,… all seem to be making a huge deal about this incident.   However, before you just go and pass judgment and call for the gallows for these young men, think about these marines.  I have a few relatives that are in the military. They have been over there defending this country and have a different story to tell. These wicked “marines” happen to be 19 year old kids. These kids have just suffered near death experience. Their adrenalin is pumping and they are under the stress of war.  They have been in the heat of battle and have seen their friends die a horrible bloody death at the hands of these barbarians. They are being fired upon and killed, yet politicians are throwing away their innocent lives like paper plates, just for the sake of politics. These same politicians are dictating whether they can even return fire to defend themselves while being killed in battle.  They have more of a right to defend themselves on the city streets here in down townAmericathan in a real actual honest to God war. Although none of them want to be there, they meet death just the same. They know that Islamic fanatics were responsible for the killing of American citizens on 9/11.  Islamic radicals are responsible for the shelling, rocket attacks, and bombings which continue to kill thousands of innocents inIsrael.  They know that it was Islamic radicals who defiled the body of an American soldier and  drug his naked body through the streets with a rope after his helicopter crash inMogadishu. They knew it was an  Islamic radical who out right killed 13 of their comrades and wounded 29 others atFortHood,  while the politicians forbid any American soldiers from carrying even a sidearm wile stationed on that same base.

First off, after what the radicals have done to us, I don’t think anything of urinating on an enemy who is actively trying to kill me.  I think that this “urination” event happened because of a combination of things. I think it is the combination of a young impulsive 19 year old mind that is not thinking before acting out.  Combine this with the frustrations listed above along with the sensation of our government being so bias against its own citizens yet bends over backwards to be “sensitive” to the needs of Islamic radicals. These soldiers are frustrated with the whole system and fighting a war that has really lost its purpose. Why are we still fighting inAfghanistananyway?  Why are our troops still dying over there?  Does anyone even know anymore? Why doesn’tAmericahave any real leadership, military or otherwise that’s willing to stand up and “do the right thing”.  The politicians are scared to death that they will lose a vote if anyone does anything that is slightly politically incorrect.  The military leaders are scared to death that they will lose favor with the politicians.  The soldiers and the youth inAmericaare caught in the middle… increasingly frustrated that we don’t have even a single leader that will lead.

Whatever happened to people like General Patton, General McArthur, General Pershing? On one occasion a long, long time ago, during a forgotten world war, General Pershing was the commanding officer leading the troops in theMiddle East.  He had some radical Islamic gorillas kill several of his soldiers.  He had his troops go house to house and find (who he thought were) the culprits who committed the crimes against his soldiers.  He made the treatment of these suspects a big ceremony for everyone to see.  The ceremony starting with dragging them into the town center. There he told the onlookers that he was going to punish the people who attacked his troops. He pulled out his pistol, shot and killed the suspects.  Then he killed a hog and poured pork blood all over the dead fanatics bodies.  As the onlookers were in a state of shock, he announced that “because he had soiled their bodies with pork, they would be forbidden from entering heaven… they were doomed to burn in hell for all eternity”.   He went on to announce that anyone that harmed, harassed, or bothered any American would meet the same fate.  For the remaining time General Pershing had his troops in the Middle East, there was never another hostile attack on an American soldier, citizen, or otherwise.


We can build bridges and be nice, but because we are different, no matter what we do or how hard we try, they will never respect us… but we can easily make them fear us. – General John J. Pershing


Hey anyone use AT&T as their carrier.  I once had T-Mobile and I had no coverage at all anywhere near my own house.  My cell phone crapped out at my mailbox. Normally, for country living, that’s not bad. But I have a half mile long driveway.  A friend came over to my house the other day and wanted to make a call.  I laughed and said there’s no coverage here.  He laughed more and said, “hey, I’ve got AT&T and I’ve got three bars”.  I couldn’t get to the cell phone store fast enough.  I’m pretty hard on a phone, so I got one of those military, waterproof, shockproof versions.  They promised that it was “indestructible.”  I laughed and said,  “well, let’s see about that.”  Now I actually have coverage at my house.  Life is good.  I can make calls from my workshop or just about anywhere! It’s the little things that make life worth living.  I’ve since had my “indestructible” phone down to the AT&T store for “repairs”.  It’s gotten into the fan, fallen into a tub of transmission oil, and shorted out by accidentally making contact with the arc welder. The AT&T guys take it and fix it pretty quick or give me a replacement with no questions asked… and I’m all warm and happy again.

The other day, my sister was on the bush hog mowing her back field.  Her cell phone accidentally slipped from her pocket and fell to the ground. As she ran over it, she caught the tiniest of a glimpse of the phone just as it went into the blades. As she heard the tiny clang,  She said to herself “that looked kind of like a pocket calculator… what the heck are the kids doing with a calculator way out here in the field?… I had better take a closer look.” She turned around to get a better look. Then she accidentally ran over it a second time.  She finished mowing, went into the house and took a shower.  She looked for her cell phone and couldn’t find it.  She called the number and it went straight to voice mail.  “Uh oh, this is not a good sign, it could be really lost this time.”  She said out loud. Then like a light bulb going off, she remembered the calculator in the field.  “uh-oh… oh crap”  We went back out to the field and found the cell phone, or what was left of it.  There were several phone pieces. None of them were larger than a fingernail.  We put what we could find into a zip-lock baggy and took it to the AT&T store.  The guy looked at the phone pieces and back at my sister and back at the phone.   With a pinched look, he said “Excuse me a minute, I have to see my manager on this one.”  He returned a minute later with the manager and said with a pained look on his face. “Ma’am, I’m terribly sorry, but I took this to our tech guy and he said that he doesn’t think that he can fix it… I may have to order you a replacement phone.”


A+  for effort the tech guy

End of the World

We’re one year away from Dec. 21, 2012, the date that the ancient Mayan calendar allegedly marked as the end of humanity. But will it? In a flurry of doomsday predictions, there’s been similar dire warnings about the world coming to an end from many cultures, including Native Americans, Chinese, Egyptians and even the Irish. The Mayan prophecy seems to have held the most sway with the doomies. The Mayan civilization, which reached its height from 300 A.D. to 900 A.D., had a talent for astronomy. Advanced mathematics and primitive astronomy flourished, creating what many have called the most accurate calendar in the world. The Mayans predicted a final event that included a solar shift, a Venus transit and violent earthquakes. They wrote that this event takes place on Dec. 21 2012. Harold Camping, the man who predicted the rapture incorrectly in 1994 and again on the 21st of May this year, has revised his estimate of the end of the world again. I somehow feel that God is keeping this a secret. “Not even God’s closest angels know the time.” (Mark 13:32). Jesus himself informed us that not even he knew the hour of his return (Matt 24:36), Mr. Camping informs us that somehow he knows that the return of Jesus is set for 21 October. It’s just amazing that there’s even any people left out there that still give him credibility. I say, so what? Why worry about the end. Your end may come next week, tomorrow, or in the next few minutes. It may not be the actual “apocalypse” the Bible speaks of, but it will indeed be your very own personal “end of the world” if you get hit by a bus or fall off the roof or accidentally take the wrong medication. Know what I mean? In my profession, I have become a true believer. I’ve seen thousands of times over, healthy people with a family, job, house payment, kids, a dog, whatever, doing just fine running the rat race like the rest of us. Then they get hit by a bus, or a drunk driver or, falls on a nail-gun while climbing off a ladder… you know, use your wildest imagination and then they’re suddenly gone in a blink. It’s sad but happens all day long. I see it happening live every day. Because of this, I’ve struggled with my faith for several years. Now, I believe that I have been put here to do some sort of good. What exactly, I have no idea. I continue in healing sick people in the best way I can and if God gives me any clue as to something else that I could be doing, well, I’ll just do that too. I personally made my peace with God and I don’t care if the actual “end of the world” or if it’s my own personal end. Not only I am ready to go anytime God wants to take me… I’ll be looking forward to it.

And to think that we have another 240 days until everyone finally stops talking about that stupid Myan calendar.

It’s Madness !

I’m Outraged!

There was a release of the top 40 conservative blogs for this year.  I wasn’t there! What the heck?  How can there even be a “top 40” list made if  ANurseWithAttitude.com is not listed there?  I thought that I may not make it to the actual number one.  Maybe not the top 10.  But I wasn’t even in the top 40. There must be some under the table palm greasing or cheating going on.  This just can’t be!

10) The Corner
9) Moonbattery
8) Naked DC
7) Michelle Malkin
6) Big Journalism
5) Gateway Pundit
4) Newsbusters
3) Ace Of Spades HQ
2) Instapundit
1) Hot Air


It’s madness!

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