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More Administrative Frustration

  When several of your friends are co-workers and they are on Facebook, then posting about a generic ‘patient’ will get you laughs, likes, and even a few comments, such as; “I had one of those last week!”

Chuckles all around.

That is,  until someone from Administration sticks their nose into it.

I posted the following joke last week,  “I gave my patient a toothbrush, because a teethbrush would have been redundant.”

Then I got a university e-mail from some totally humorless pinhead in HR saying even though there was no identifying subject matter in the post (except for the one tooth, I guess), it could violate HIPAA, and it should deleted immediately. I say, “did you even read any of my disclaimer about HIPPA?

Do you have any idea how many single-toothed people live inAlabama? … orMontana,Oregon, Louisiana, orVirginiafor that matter.  I’ve  worked in a number of places and I make a point to not only keep patients names, identifying markers, and situations carefully secret, I don’t even let it be known which hospital I currently work.  (unless you privately e-mail me and ask).


Patient:  Oh No, Today’s my wife’s anniversary and I didn’t get her a gift.

Nurse:  So how long have you been married?

Patient:  Sixty years.

Nurse:  Wow! That’s amazing… and to the same woman.

Patient:  No, she’s changed…  she’s changed a lot.

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