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Resolutions for 2012

Resolutions are something to work on every day.

Here’s a few that I’ve come up with so far.

Live a more prayerful life.

Get into better physical condition.  I’m going to need to be able to run with gear, so that’s going to require weight loss and regular cardiovascular conditioning. It’s’ going to suck but it’s going to get done. My first goal is to run an 8 minute mile with a 10 lbs pack. I did my first 10k race of the year today. It was horrible at just over an hour. That’s six 10 min miles. It’s a baseline, so now I know how much work I have to do.

Purchase every chopping, hacking, or cutting tool I’ve ever wanted.

Get all my tactical gear completely squared away. Complete my survival/camping list for warm and cold weather. Purchase adequate outdoor sheltering.

Increase my inventory of medical supplies. Purchase and stock a second medical bag.

Grow a garden. Purchase the super-dooper pressure canner I’ve had my eye on for some time. Stock up on Mason Jars.

Increase the cast iron cookware inventory.

Go ahead and sign up and take that “Blacksmith” class that I’ve been wanting to take for the last five years.

Purchase prepared freeze dried foods for long term storage.  Stock up on stable dry foods such as beans and rice.

Get my wine cellar fully stocked.

Top off my in-ground fuel tanks for backup.

Purchase and install the new wood burning stove before the Fall.

Pour the slab for my power generation/inverter station so that I can live “off the grid” if the need arises.

So I guess by now I’ve given away what I think 2012 is going to look like. I don’t believe in all of that Mayan calendar crap. Just like with the stock market, I look at the trends,  and with the current failure of a President, the failure of the, so called Republican candidates, and the jesters court that we all call Congress, I see no good in the near future.

I promise to work on those predictions and get them published as quickly as I can. I also promise to be more up-beat and optimistic with my future posts.  But when it all hits the fan, I’m going to be the first to say “I told you so”.


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