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Where Dark Cynical Humor, Nursing Issues, and Politics Seem to Merge

Super Bowl Sunday

Albert Einstein walks into a party.  An attractive woman walks up and says, “hey,  you’re Albert Einstein” And he say’s “why yes I am,  and if you don’t mind me asking… what’s your IQ?”  She says, “it’s 192″  He say’s, that’s wonderful,  we can talk about physics, time, space and the things to come”.  Just then another party member walked up and introduced himself.  Albert asked, “hey, what’s your IQ, if you  don’t mine me asking?”  The man said, “why it’s 120”.  Albert said, “that’s really good, we can talk of politics and current events”  Then another man came to the group,  Albert asked, Hey, what’s your IQ?  The man responded proudly, “why it’s 46”  Albert said after careful thought,  “hey…. How’s them Seahawks?”

I don’t have anything against sports.  And no, I’m not a nerd or a “Neapolitan Dynamite” kind of guy.  I’m 6ft and 180 lbs. I played college baseball and I ran track.  I still run a 10k once in a while just to stay in shape.  I just don’t see the purpose  of sports.  I play sports, I am very competitive. I just can’t sit on the couch or in a bench and watch other people  play.  The only sports that I ever watched was when my own kids were part of the team.  With that said, I don’t eve know who’s playing with the “Super-Bowl”.  When I see people paint themselves up and pay thousands of dollars on sport stuff, I automatically think  it’s a mental deficiency.  It’s kinda like when someone uses large amounts of profanity, I naturally think that that person has had a severe stroke disabling his speech center or possibly he was just born naturally stupid… with an inability to fully utilize a broader vocabulary to get his feelings across.


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