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Don’t Trust or Depend on Politicians, They Will Always Disappoint


Well, the election cycle is heating up.  The Republicans are whittling down to one person and the Democrats are cueing  up theatrical infomercials to brag on their favorite guy. For the record, I am a Libertarian and I am not happy with any of the prospects.  So with this in mind, I have a few thoughts for everyone else to keep in mind when they get all emotional, talk about or look at any serious politician.

 Friday, I was checking out at the local  Ace Hardware here inSt. Helens.  I had a project that I had to finish this weekend.  When I handed the cashier a baggie containing individual items,  she needed to count them in order to charge me the correct amount.  I told her there were six of them at 18 cents each and she rang it up without checking.

“Well, if you’re going to take my word for it without looking, there were really only two,” I jokingly said to her.

“Oh, you wouldn’t lie to me,” she said quite seriously and confidently. “I can tell. Some  people might, but you wouldn’t.”

My first reaction was to be grateful that someone could see my sterling character all the way through the fat and craggy exterior. It’s kind of nice to be trusted, isn’t it? And to be honest, this is something I’ve heard strangers say to me all my life. I seem to have a trustworthy-looking face.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that her reaction wasn’t really that great. In fact, it’s the sort of poor judgment people use all the time when they turn their lives over to politicians who, by some strange reasoning, they’ve decided they can trust.

Have you ever heard someone say — of a politician or actor or someone else they’ve never met — “I really like him”? We all seem to make instant, intuitive judgments about people, and we’re oddly sure that our judgments are correct, even if it’s absurd for other people to make such silly snap judgments.

People jump to conclusions about politicians and they’re eager to turn their lives and futures over to such quick judgments. If there’s one thing that my two decades of working closely with people have taught me, it’s that voters tend to trust the wrong people.  Most people are way too trusting, especially when it comes to people that are very important and has the capacity to make very big changes in your personal life…. like doctors and politicians, (both of which are not necessarily sterling).

I’ve worked for politicians who I didn’t really trust. I’ve heard my friends talk about how trustworthy those politicians were. They weren’t necessarily stupid people, but they were inclined to believe surface-level indicators that didn’t necessarily mean a lot.

Polls show that most people have little trust for politicians in general, but they’re oddly trusting of their own representatives, especially if they’ve ever voted for the person. The odd reasoning seems to be that politicians aren’t to be trusted, but their representative is different. He’s the rare trustworthy “statesman” who’s only serving for the good of the people. Yes, a large proportion of people honestly believe this  Even if you’re silly enough to still favor any politician remember that you’re likely to be a victim of the same thing. No matter how much you think of a politician, remember that he’s human and that you’re seeing what you want to see in him.

I suggest that you don’t trust any politician, but if you’re going to stick with the majority system, at least remember that the people you trust are going to betray and disappoint you. They can’t help it. They’re human beings.

As a Libertarian, I’d prefer you walk away from a system that hands the power to some to wield over others. If you insist on choosing someone to favor, though, at least check out every single thing the person says — so you’ll know more quickly when you’ve been had.

Just remember that if a politician tells you it’s raining, go to the window and see for yourself.  While you’re doing that,  be sure to ask yourself what motivation he might have to be lying. Despite that trustworthy face and confident grin, you’re probably dealing with a psychopathic liar.





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