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Unemployment in America

As I listened to the news today, Obama was making a petition to Congress to extend the unemployment benefits.  On the surface this sounds really great. These are hard economic times and who doesn’t want to help the poor unemployed? But really… think about it!  These “unemployed”  already have 99 weeks! That’s utterly ridiculous.  He went on with this same ridiculousness by saying,  he was working to make a law to prevent “unemployment discrimination”.  It is an assumption by the lawmakers,  that if someone has been unemployed for an extended amount of time, they could be potentially discriminated against… they’re joking, right?  When presented with a person that has been out of work for two years, some employers may question the applicant’s work ethic and dependability.  I know, if I were an employer looking through resume’s for an employee, and I found a person (although highly qualified) with a gap in his employment for more than three months, (and he hasn’t been in school getting his advanced degree) you’d better bet that I’d discriminate.  This guy’s lazy and unfit to work for me.  There are plenty of jobs out there.  Yes,  some of them are a long ways from glamorous… but they’re jobs!  I’ve got news…  McDonalds was never meant to be a career.  It is a “stepping stone” job.  This is a job used for a bridge, until something better comes along.   My life is littered with crappy stepping stone jobs.  Some jobs were so crappy, they made McDonalds look like an executive administration job.  I’ve worked everything from the Waffle Hut to heading shrimp at the Fisheries to cover my bills.    The point is, there are indeed real jobs out there… and you don’t ever just let your rent, utilities, child support, and such, just  go unpaid.

   My mother rents several apartments.  She also has an unusually big heart. One renter hasn’t paid his rent in many months.  She gives him “odd jobs” around the apartments to do in order to supplement his lack of rent.  Even discounting the “odd job” payments, he still owes her over $3000 in past rent payment.  The last time I was inAlabama,  she asked me for advice.  I say surely he can work… I saw a “help wanted” poster at McDonalds just the other day.  Mom said, “I mentioned that to him, and he said rather adamantly,  I can’t do that… I have a college degree!”   Well, the attitude alone infuriated me!  I advised mom to call the sheriff and get him evicted right away.  He’s not unemployed, he’s just lazy!

  Advanced unemployment payments,  as well as a special advocacy support for the chronically lazy, is no good, and it’s doing these people no favors either.  This attitude is only adding yet another level to the continually growing number of “totally dependent on the government for everything” population in this country.


Ever notice that people who spend money on beer, cigarettes and lottery tickets, are always complaining about being broke and not feeling well?


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One thought on “Unemployment in America

  1. Mark Jarrett on said:

    As a person who took one of the less glamorous jobs, I agree with just about everything you said, these jobs are not meant to be a career, they are just jobs to get you by, jobs that will allow you to earn a paycheck, jobs that will help lapses in your work history section on your resume.

    I am a 24 year old working a job as a courtesy clerk at a local Kroger in Michigan. I took the job because no one else was calling me back for interviews, and it seemed like no one was even looking at my application. I really didnt want to take the job, but I knew that it would help with income, since the only income that was paying all of the bills was my girlfriends income and my student refund checks from school, so I swallowed my pride and took the job. Granted, I only get maybe 20-30 hours a week, and I only get paid 7.45 an hour, but its such a help on our monthly budget, and I am really learning a lot, something that I could probably never learn in a classroom or a school.

    The only issue I have with your argument are those who were laid off, making middle class wages, who are somewhat relying on these unemployment benefits for the short term during this economy. I was lucky enough to find a job that can support my lifestyle. Currently, its just me, my girlfriend, our cat, our $400 a month 1 bedroom apartment, utility bill, food and gas for the month. between the both of us, were able to afford it. Some of us are not as lucky and have many other obligations that were achieved before the market went into a recession. I would say that these select few probably need the extension.

    But the guy who lives in your moms apartment needs to swallow his pride, take the lower end job for awhile, and try to make the best of it. Any real man would of done so a long time ago.

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