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Where Dark Cynical Humor, Nursing Issues, and Politics Seem to Merge

It’s Spring Break!

 Twenty five Secret Service agents inMexico. Twenty five agents who know that they will have to take a bullet, if needed, to protect their charge. Twenty five agents with families and loved ones who want to see them again.

Their job is to protect the president and his family. If the president must go to war torn Afghanistan or drug lord managed Mexico on the business of the American people, they will be there protecting him and America’s interests. It is a noble calling.

It is very different this time. The twenty five agents have been dispatched to protect a 13 year old girl on vacation; spring break. They are not protecting the president as he goes abroad to do the business of theUnited States. They are watching over a child who, in the last year, has had weeks of vacations inMartha’s Vineyard,Hawaii, the ski slopes ofColoradoand now scenicMexico.

Key Westwasn’t good enough for the little girl. She needed to go to a place the State Department warns is dangerous for Americans. She had to make herself a target in a foreign land. Not for any purpose of the American people, but for her own selfish recreation.

So 25 Secret Service Agents are inMexico, risking their lives, to provide yet another exotic and luxurious vacation for the ultra elite daughter of an ultra elite president.


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