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Police Shooting


    This morning there was a story on the news about a 14 year old with a gun attempting to shoot another youth. The city responded with the boasting of a “new gun task force”. Also there is yet another outside task force organized specifically to watch the new gun task force as well as the entire Portland police department. This outside organization was established for the sole purpose to assure that there is no unfair profiling being done in the course of the investigation as well as the overall job of “getting guns off the streets” of Portland. I am sure that this extra waste of tax dollars is a direct result of the accused profiling of Trevon Martin. “Illegal Profiling” is the only thing the liberals seem to be able to pin on George Zimmerman. Don’t worry, they’ll eventually get their pound of flesh out of that poor sap for defending his life.

Anyhow, I find several items in this story that strikes me as alarming, the least of which is the youth shooting. First off, I ask what’s the heck wrong with a policeman profiling while he walks his beat? Isn’t profiling a part of basic detective work as well as being vigilant while protecting the community. I know what you are thinking… and it is not about race. I would think that any policeman out there, worth his beans, who saw a white youth with a shaved head, t-shirt and an “SS” tattoo on his arm would look a little closer as he walked by. By the same token, I would expect the same policeman to be just as negligent if he didn’t look a bit closer walking by a black or Hispanic youth with low slung pants and a red or blue bandana on his head. If people are respectable, they tend to dress respectable. If people are indeed trouble makers, they tend to dress the part. It’s just human nature and political correctness is furiously trying to take this tool away from our policemen.

When I was a kid my mother profiled everyone. If my mother could make the world a better place with profiling, why is it so bad for our police to do the same? My mom would look out the window at some neighbor kid and say, “see those kids… they are bad. If I catch you hanging around with any of them, I’ll tan your backside!” I made extra efforts to avoid those kids. I grew up respecting the law, our policemen and the community. Now as an adult, I work hard, pay taxes, and still have the utmost respect for our policemen. I wish just once, the liberal politicians would be able follow a police officer for a day and actually see the scope of an officers job that they have created with political correctness. I guess life was a lot simpler back when I was a kid. But now because of the kinder, gentler liberal view, PC has infiltrated the community, the schools and the government. Discipline, respect, and the very idea of obeying the law is irrelevant. Today, our youth is as lost as ever. They have no respect for the law, the elderly, their teachers, parents, or their Country. They hold protests to tear down our morals, religion, laws, and society… all with an approving nod from our elected officials. I’ll bet if a stern mother of today were ever allowed to discipline her child, without the fear of a social services investigation, both of theses previously mentioned kids would forever steer clear of anyone even thought to be gang like. I’m not even going to discuss a mother’s wrath, and the ramifications of touching a real gun without permission. This entire special “task force” would be for naught. As a veteran inner city ER nurse, I’ve worked closely with a lot of policemen. I believe in my heart that all policemen are basically good people just trying to make their world a better place. They don’t go out of their way to oppress the Blacks, Latinos or any other minority for that matter. Really, they’re just like the rest of us. All they really want is to get to the end of their shift with the least amount of trouble and heartache. Without all of this political correctness, their job would not be that difficult, heck my mom did just fine.


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