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What, Are Conservatives Racists?

I’ve been thinking about the issues of racism in America and the implications.  I’ve seen Jessie Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and Al Sharpton ranting non stop about racism in America.  Well from the moment that Barack Obama threw his hat into the ring for President, Democrats have been accusing anyone who has the spine to stand up and disagree with him of being racists. They are of course being disingenuous, pernicious and at the end of the day, most importantly, wrong.

But what if they weren’t wrong.  In ponderance,  let’s say somehow the entire universe of conservatives was made up of racists… so what? Does it change the veracity of their stated disagreements with President Obama? If it were in fact the case that conservatives hate him because he is black does that mean that their well thought out,  logical, reasonable and clearly articulated reasons for opposing him and his policies are somehow less valid? No, of course it doesn’t.”

Just a thought


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