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Unionized Healthcare : Prologue


It has been quite a few years since I have had the disappointment of working at the VA in New Orleans.  Since then, I have moved to Portland Oregon. I have another  confession to make… I have not lived up to my promise.  Although Lashunda Jones RN from New Orleans,  has a piece of paper enshrined in a folder somewhere in her office with my signature all over it,  I freely admit that I have done some work at the VA hospital here in Oregon. I am also happy to admit that the conditions here at this VA hospital are much improved. The work conditions and the overall quality of care for the veterans is considerably better too.  However, I still believe that the VA system or (government run healthcare) is a gargantuan waste of money. With all that money, they manage to only give marginal care. My son (who is in the army) and I argue regularly on this topic.  He says that “healthcare at the VA is really good.”  I am convinced that government health care is not only wasteful, but they could do a lot better.  I tell my son that because he is a young guy in perfect health, he may see the VA  as “real quality” healthcare.  I agree, the VA can do wonders for any ailment that can be cured with only a five day run of antibiotics.  But give them any chronic problem or illness such as CHF, CVA, liver disease, HIV, or psychosis and see how fast they shuck you  from the system.  To save money, I believe the government could give a “Visa” card  to each and every veteran, every veteran’s spouse, veteran’s children, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, mother, second cousin, or whatever. With this card they could use it for anything remotely related to healthcare.  I mean anything including plastic surgery, breast implants, ingrown toenails whatever and it would still be cheaper than the current VA system.

On the other hand, if this is the way our country is heading with Obama Care or government run health care, or whatever you want to call it, then I guess the VA system is a great model of modern health care.  I just hope that the rest of America, (who are use to better care) can accept the socialized system as well as the veterans have done so far.



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