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What’s the SS doing when not chasing hookers?

     I’ve no doubt that you not heard about the Secret Service and how they are in deep trouble.  They were suppose to be guarding Obama on his visit to  Columbia.  Instead, they slipped out and got a whole party of Columbian hookers to party the night away.  They’ve stirred up an official Congressional investigation and everything.  What are they doing when not chasing after Columbian hookers?  Why they are watching over rocker Ted Nugent.  The ridiculousness continues.

I have been quite about this whole story,  I mean really,  “boys will be boys.”  I don’t blame them.  I blame the administration and the people that hire these agents for their misbehavior.  What eventually got me stirred about this story was the Congressional committee and their solution.  They said that there writing a bunch of “new rules” for the Secret Service.  All agents are forbidden to drink any type of alcohol ten hours prior to reporting to duty.   All agents are forbidden to frequent any disreputable establishment such as bars and brothels…. and on and on ad nauseam.   When will they learn.  No matter how you try, you simply cannot legislate morality.  To get and keep dependable and honorable Secret Service agents, you must recruit only dependable and honorable people to the job.

When my son went to West Point, he told me of  “the code of West Point”.  This mysterious code doesn’t have thousands of special rules, tenants and standards to memorize and abide  by.  It is simply one phrase that they all live by.  “We will not lie, cheat or steal, nor will we tolerate anyone who does.”   It is impossible to recruit honest and honorable people even at West Point.  If anyone fails to live by this simple rule, he is immediately discharged from the school.  It’s amazing, but at the end of the four year school cycle,  anyone that is dishonorable has been purged.  The graduates are the best, most honorable possible.

The Secret Service is no different.  If they wanted to actually have honorable and honest people in the agency, they could adapt this one simple rule.  Any one that was caught, witnessed or found breaking this one rule would be immediately purged from the agency with no retirement, or compensation.  This and this alone would make the Secret Service a reputable agency.   Congress still doesn’t get it.


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