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Where Dark Cynical Humor, Nursing Issues, and Politics Seem to Merge

Teaching Hospital

  Today I was asked by the anesthesiologist, “why is this next case scheduled for 3 hours?  A neck fusion shouldn’t take more than an hour?..  damn,  I don’t understand… We can’t go over…. Hey, I have somewhere to be at five…”

Hearing this grumbling, I couldn’t help but to give him a little extra torment. “ I don’t know where you’re from or where you worked before,  but today, we work in a teaching hospital.  The residents and interns are being taught… and that takes a little extra time. This is a place for learning.”  He, grumbled again and went back to work.  Although, secretly I knew I was wrong, I didn’t admit it to him because it was entertaining. The actual definition and correct statement would be … “I work in a learning hospital, where everyone is learning something”.  The residents are learning, the nursing students are learning, and even attending surgeons are learning something.  As for me, I know that am learning too.  I realized a long time ago that I’m a work in progress,  and I’m learning patience and tolerance.


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