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 Hey, I don’t know what it’s like in your neighborhood but those wacky guys calling themselves the OWS 99% er’s  are back.  Today they were parading around downtown blocking traffic and such, simply making themselves a nuisance.  Well, for starters,  I know that I’m not rich or part of the 1% club.  On the other hand, I know even more that those pin-heads claiming to be a representative of the rest of the “99% of the general population” do not represent me.  So where does that leave me… hmm. I don’t rightly know.  I just know that I have nothing to do with any of that nonsense.  So being repulsed by this lunacy, it makes me look a little closer at the real 1%.   What’s it like to be a member of the 1%?  Well it’s Pretty sweet.

Congress is currently conducting an investigation of the General Services Administration   Reading this,  It makes me think how nice it must be to be part of the 1%.

There’s been a lot of fallout over Jeff Neely of the General Services Administration,  (Ironically, a branch of government whose job is to regulate wasteful spending).  Apparently, they are thinking that Jeff Neely and his staff has been wasting taxpayer’s money.  He’s recently testified  before a Congressional committee on how his staff took multiple trips to Las Vegas. These trips weren’t the average jaunt to Las Vegas like you or I might take. These were trips with all the frills, costing the taxpayers  an estimated $823,000 dollars. The testimony of these lavish trips eventually cost top officials at the agency their jobs.  On the other hand,  just after this testimony, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta late Thursday admitted to paying a paltry $17,000 for each of his commuting costs for 27 trips back to his Monterey,  California  home … on a military aircraft. Not only was he wasting taxpayer money, but he was exploiting our U.S.military for their equipment, staff and manpower for his personal gain. Where is the Congressional committee on this one?

Before accepting the job as defense secretary, Mr. Panetta negotiated his right to commute home to California  nearly weekend using a military equivalent of a Gulfstream jet, as his job as Pentagon chief requires him to do.

The trips cost the government over $860,000… considerably more than the “Congressional advertised”  trip to Las Vegas.


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