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Nursing Student

I work in a teaching / learning hospital.  The old people are suppose to teach the new people how to do things right.  Today I had a nursing student assigned to me.  He was an out of work carpenter gone to nursing school.  Times are hard and he has had sporadic work issues.  And yes, there is still a "nursing shortage" in this country.  Some people try to take advantage of this and cash in.  Unfortunately, there's a reason for the nursing shortage. It's very hard and very stressful work.  My student  is a carpenter...  Now becoming a nurse.  I always like to get some background of what my students did prior to taking them on. At least that way, I can use his background as a teaching tool.  For example,  in the OR, I work in several services. I am service lead for Neurosurgery, Ortho,  General surgery,  and Spine services.  First off, he asks me a rift of questions about an ENT procedure going on in the next room.  I say I'll try, but to get accurate answers, you need to talk to Kim, the lead nurse for that service.  But you've been here for a long time and you're really old... you're suppose to be knowledgeable.  I say, "hey, as a carpenter, and you're building a house, do you know everything there is to know about plumbing?  Do you know everything about electrical work?  Yes, you could probably fumble through and even wire a house without a electrician, and that house would probably light up ok.  But if you wired a house and it was wrong, how would the customer feel?   Well, we're working on actual people here and if you cut a board too short, you just can't go to Home Depot and get another board.  It has to be perfectly right the first time.  These surgeons do only one procedure all day long and they expect the same precision out of us.  It's as if you only had to do floors.  You'd eventually be an expert on floors. I am knowlegable... I do several services.  But I do not do all services.  I will teach you my trade and when you're at a journeyman level in bone and joint reconstruction, then I will hand you off to Kim". 



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2 thoughts on “Nursing Student

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m a new nursing student and I like to hear from the experiences of others.

    • cool, I’ve recieved several e-mails about how I should “stay away from boreing old politics” and stay with nursing stuff. I try to write what people want, but sometimes, the sheer ridicolousness of the stuff going on today just gets to me and I feel compelled to write.

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