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American Worker Rant

 A guy on the radio this morning said that, not only are grunt worker jobs being transported to foreign countries, but now, financial, technical, and  other higher level jobs are finding their way to other countries.

It strikes me that American labor costs a lot. Here are the reasons:

1) the number of people we support through our tax dollars who do nothing to help the economy or themselves and probably never will
2) the literally hundreds of countries we help with foreign aid
3) the number of people we totally support who are in jail and not making economic contributions
4) the number of people in racial or special interest groups who are funded  by the federal government

If it takes us from January to May to pay our taxes. It means that only about 55% of our gross product is really production. The rest is helping people to sit and do nothing. Even the socialist countries do not have this level of overhead.

I don’t even remember the last candidate who would stand up for decreasing government entitlements and spending, or for that matter, one who would actually vote for it if elected.

I would vote for one who would dare to say it, and I could get excited about someone who would actually do something about it. If we want to be competitive in the world market, we need to change some  things. We need to bring our troops home and stop being the “police” of the world. We need to be humble about our worth. We need to respond to our  market and we need to figure out what else can be done to make  our economy work. Getting rid of this overhead burden would go a long way in helping people survive  in this country once again.


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One thought on “American Worker Rant

  1. This is so true. The Tullock Diagram could offer some more explanation: so much of our now economy is focused on re-distributive efforts, especially preparing taxes as you mentioned. If we eliminate these re-distributive efforts and focus on producing, our economy should improve and unemployment should be lowered. Thanks for sharing!

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