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Urology Day

  Another glorious day in outpatient surgery.  We had General surgery, ENT surgery, Oncology, and plastics, there was even a room for making breasts larger and making breasts smaller… and guess which service I spent my entire ten hours  day… in urology,  yet again!  Someone is working tirelessly to expand my practice, or maybe just test my limits.  On the other hand, it really wasn’t  that bad.  I mean,  I really had  a pretty good day.  I’m not sure why I tend to shy away from this service.  To me, it’s like working in a cave.  The Urology room is always very dark, wet, cold, and you hear a constant dripping sound for the duration of the case… and it smells funny.  Besides the attending physician wearing rubber boots, sometimes he acts like an old bear when he emerges from his “cave.”   Anyway, I can rack this up as a learning experience.

Today, the attending gave us a nugget of info that I thought was very  interesting.  A high percentage of testicular cancer is found by a patients’ sexual partner. The wife of the  first patient we were working on found his testicular cancer and was quite proud of herself, especially because it was caught in time to be treated. Her story was very endearing, and very detailed.  (a little too much information) and had all of us laughing.  Well, except Wendy – the scrub.  She was the only female in the room and somehow didn’t see the testicular humor.  Anyway, the wife had all of us guys in the operating rooms smiling and in a rather upbeat mood.  She had all of us  thinking about putting this new-found info to the test during our next bedroom endeavor.

While doctors put emphasis on self examinations for breasts and testicles it just may end up that your sexual partner becomes the hero in the discovery.  Below the waist cancer prevention often takes a backseat to the highly advertised breast cancer.  Who knew that having “a little roll in the hay” could be so fun and cancer detecting?

I think I just may be a little bit late for work tomorrow morning!


What is the difference between a hematologist and a urologist?

A hematologist pricks your finger.


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