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More on “Gun Free Zones”

   Paul Helmke,  president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, wrote in a statement: “If Congress had not allowed the ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ to expire in 2004, the shooter would only have been able to get off 10 rounds without reloading.”

…unless he brings more than one gun,  or an illegal,  black market magazine.  Seriously, do you think that anyone who is willing to commit murder  is going to be deterred by a ban on an eleven shot magazine?  Or  fifteen?  Or  thirty?  The Thou Shalt Not Do Murder” statute that has been on the law-books, well,  since Adam and Eve had their offspring.  It seems it doesn’t matter how many laws are passed, if people are committed to do the crime, they will find a way.  The only thing accomplished with these restrictive laws is to make the average citizen more and more of a victim, and more and more vulnerable to the people who are willing to break the laws.

With these people who are clearly determined to do harm and are obviously willing to break the law,  there is only one clear way to prevent this atrocity from happening… that is to kill them on the spot.  I personally carry my side arm with me even into areas that are clearly marked “gun free zones.”  I think that it would be far better to explain my gun to a judge and jury than to have my family morn me as a victim.  If just one person had disregarded the “gun free zone” sign at that movie theater, there would have been far fewer injuries and possibly only one death that night.

On a different note, I would hope that a group of those very Colorado victims get together for a class action suit against that theater chain. They could sue for negligence saying just that by not allowing honest gun owning citizens into the theater… and you know what?  They would have a really good case.

Material reblogged from http://proof-proofpositive.blogspot.com/2011/01/when-gun-control-idiocy-is-outlawed.html


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One thought on “More on “Gun Free Zones”

  1. could not have said it better!!!

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