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Lunch Time conversation

     I think I’ve said that I don’t eat lunch with my co-workers.  I try to get away and go outside or somewhere to decompress and relax before going back to the grinder.  Anyway,  I live in the wacko liberal state of Oregon… and yes, it is by my choice.  As the only conservative in this whole state, I tend to be the target of some abuse.  On the other hand, I can dish it out too. I have found that you can beat a liberal to death with nothing more than logic and reason and, most of the time, they have no place to go with an argument based on only an emotional response.  This is a abbreviated version of a conversation that I had today at lunch.

I sat down next to the only other male nurse in our department.  He saw me and looked up from his newspaper, apparently reading an article about Amtrak,  “hey,  I was just wondering… why would anyone want to carry a gun on a train?  They are apparently letting gun nuts carry guns on Amtrak now!”  I smiled and said, “ why on earth wouldn’t you?… It seems that anyone who is an honest upstanding citizen, passed an FBI background check, had a  law enforcement approved firearm safety class, and is a supporter of law enforcement, would  be especially welcomed on Amtrak.”  He snapped back, “If it were up to you, I’d bet you’d have everyone carrying guns on airplanes too.”  I laughed back, “Duh… haven’t you even heard of Goldfinger?…  Can you say explosive decompression? … I don’t know what kind of physics classes you took to get into nursing school, but I think  it would hurt getting sucked through one of those little windows.”   He grumbled and went back to his news paper.  After a few minutes, he looked up again, “hey, if you’re such a pro-gun-nut, then why don’t you carry now?”  I looked back, “that’s easy… I don’t carry because I don’t need to.”  He questioned, “but why would you ever really need to.?”  Starting to get irritated at his insistence, “ you people here inOregon are so spoiled… sheltered.  Yea, we had one gun shot wound patient last weekend.  It was the first in several weeks.  When I worked in New Orleans I carried every day, 24/7.  We got more GSW patients in one week than Portland gets in a whole year.  I’ve been shot at more than once…. how about you?”  He looked back and said, “I don’t own a gun and I can walk in the worst part of town without fear… If there were stronger national gun laws, or a national registration, violence would be a lot less everywhere.”  Getting more irritated,  I kept going… “Have you ever been on duty on an ER and have someone come in shooting trying to finish someone else off?”  That kind of thing happening here is completely unheard of, even in your wildest imagination.  I moved here because it’s a peaceful place.  Oregon is a safe place to raise kids.  I moved here because I don’t have to carry a gun.  Believe me, I’m happy to leave my gun at home. I’m happy that you are able to maintain your peace-nick persona.  I’m happy that you can afford to keep a sense of naive optimism, but please don’t presume that you could impose your narrow-minded ideas onto anyone else in another part of the country until you actually live there and experience that culture first hand.  Just because it is peaceful here doesn’t mean people aren’t getting assaulted in spades somewhere else, and no national law will ever prevent, or even slow down for that matter, any criminal from getting his hands on a knife, club or even a gun to hurt you with.  I know that this thought may be very foreign to a native Oregonian, but with the current state of police protection in this country, in some places, the second amendment is the only protection some people may have.


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One thought on “Lunch Time conversation

  1. I think my family members in my house are the only conservatives in the city that we live in, a college town. I know what you mean about the “discussions” with liberals.
    I hate that national registration line, because all I that pops into my head when I hear it, is Hitler. If things get worse in our country, the socialist will be able to go to each home that is carrying guns, and take them away, just like that. Because they’ll all be registered! And nationally is even worse. The U.N. is already imposing stricter gun laws that will affect U.S. citizens. The writing is on the wall unless we do something to correct it.

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