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More on Gun Control

 I had a dear friend, ( who is somewhat misguided) send me an e-mail in response to my last gun related post, saying, “I don’t think that anyone should own an AK-47”

Well, I am offended at this. I happen once be a “class 3 gun dealer.” I sold guns and had a working relationship with the local law enforcement and with the BATF. This happens to be a picture of two of my three sons at the range. One has a HK-93 and the other has a FN-FAL. Both Assault-rifles are chambered in .308 cal. which is far more powerful, shoots farther and more deadly than the horrific, dreaded AK-47. But because the ill informed, and the illiterates of the gun world do tend to watch movies, they naturally think that,  what Hollywood uses is the worst there is. Yes the AK-47 looks bad and does get bad press from Hollywood, but it is not even enough firepower to effectively kill a deer. I’ve gotten off topic. But this is the response to her letter, I thought I’d just go ahead and post:

I will throw down my guns and yet … even my AK-47 … if you can answer this one question… How would strict gun laws have prevented the tragedy in Colorado? I do believe that bombs are also illegal, aren’t they? But anyone (that is crazy and willing to break the law) can go down to Ace Hardware and get some pipe, some end caps, and some fertilizer, a gallon of fuel oil, and, with a little work, construct a bomb. If this guy had made a bunch of bombs or a single large bomb, the horror would have been just the same and just as illegal. The gun control liberals just can’t understand that the laws are only for the good honest people. The criminals will always find a way. The cops and especially the lawmakers, cannot protect us all the time. That’s the responsibility us and us alone as an individuals. No one will forever be there to protect us.

I have written a letter to the NRA last Friday. I have laid out the ground work and suggested that the NRA organize a class action suit on behalf of the victims of that shooting. That theater was designated as a “gun free zone” complete with a sign for all to see. Because of that sign and the theater rules, no law abiding citizen (with a gun permit) was allowed to enter. This silliness of the “gun free zones” put all of the people within that theater at risk. Anyone with a sidearm could have prevented that tragedy from happening. I am, without a doubt, 100% certain, that if I were there, I could have put a bullet through that guys eye from anywhere in the theater. I carry, and I don’t pay attention to “gun free zone signs”. I feel that it is better to explain myself to an officer than to leave my family without a husband and father.

On a side note, You said that there is no reason that anyone should own an AK-47. I own three. Along with an M-16, a WW-2, BAR and an M-203. I have paid the BATF a large fee (for each weapon) just to get the paperwork started. After that, I passed an FBI background check, and I have had signed letters from the Columbia county sheriff. Somewhere in WashingtonDC, my fingerprints are enshrined in a folder for all to see. All said, I still own these weapons (legally) and I haven’t committed any mass murders. I take offense that anyone could think that having my guns removed from my possession, would somehow make me safer from nut-jobs who don’t care about the law and are happy to commit atrocities any day of the week.



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2 thoughts on “More on Gun Control

  1. Agreed! With all of it! It’s cowards that carry out these mass murders, or even drive-bys for gang initiations (I live in LosAngeles). I don’t believe they’re insane at all. Why? Because they always choose a place where nobody is carrying any weapons, like: school zones, shopping malls, freeway overpasses, movie theaters, etc… They’re not being brave and fearless. If they were claiming courage and boldness, then why they would walk into a sheriff department, a shooting range, or even a rodeo taking place in Texas to attempt their crusade. They don’t choose to show their skills in those places because they know they’ll be shot! Without question- because everyone else will be carrying firearms as well. And that is the answer, if we were all able to arm ourselves, and criminals knew it, even potential ones, they wouldn’t be as likely to try to take advantage of the innocent. Although, if they were stupid or insane enough to do it, they would at least be stopped quickly by a citizen exercising his 2nd amendment rights.
    Woe, as you can see, I like to express my opinion on different issues as well! Haha.
    No body can answer your question about how strict gun laws should be to prevent killing sprees, because the answer is for everyone to be armed to protect themselves, again, that’s why we have the 2nd amendment. If you take away the guns, you’ll have to take away sticks, rocks, and even cut off everyone’s hands. There will always be a way for violence to be done, it’s in the heart to do so. Ok, I’ll stop because I’m going to go off another rant.
    Nice venting with you!

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    this blogger makes an excellent argument…

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