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Gun Show Weekend

  My wife and I attended a large gun show at the local expo center this weekend. I used to hit every one that came within driving distance, but over the last few years I’ve been having trouble working up any enthusiasm for them now a days.

First I work with guns and carry a gun almost every day.

Second I feel that I have, pretty much all of my favorite guns already in my personal collection.
Third, I get tired of looking at rack after rack and table after table of guns. After a while my eyes simply glaze over and I don’t see anything. This weekend it happened about two-thirds of the way through the show, and at that point it became more of an endurance contest than an enjoyable activity. My wife exclaimed, “you don’t have to hurry because of me”.  I couldn’t explain to her that it was me and I was simply tired.
Fourth, there’s just not much. (which may be still #3). I’m really only looking for a very few items – and then only if it is a really good deal.  Since the election of Obamain 08′, well,  let’s just say that the “good deals” are all evaporated.  Everything is at a premium.  Of the last five gun shows that I attended, none of guns that I want (at any price) were found.

Well, I got to spend time with my wife, which is always a highlight for me. I ran into a few people I don’t see all that often. Oh, and I did pick up a cheap laser pointer so Tod (our rescue cat) would have something to chase.
I guess there are worse ways to spend a Saturday morning!


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