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Green on Blue Attack

 What are we doing?  Green on blue crime is where a trusted allay turns in the Afghan National Army, suddenly turns and kills the American troops that have been training them.  Because of this, the leaders in the military have instituted new plans for this type of atrocity.  The plan is to have all of our soldiers carry a loaded gun… Why Is This Not ALWAYS the Case?

US forces in Afghanistan ordered to keep weapons loaded at all times. All U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan are to be required to have a fully loaded magazine in their weapons at all times in response to a spike in attacks by rogue members of the Afghan government’s forces.

A senior military official told NBC News that the order “could save precious seconds” in responding to a so-called “green-on-blue” attack and hopefully save lives.

Why in blue blazes weren’t our soldiers in combat zones already carrying loaded weapons? They’re in a place where folks are actively trying to kill them, and the official policy up until now was to walk around with unloaded weapons? Sure, a professional shooter might be able to load a magazine and chamber a round in a second or less, but often the soldiers on duty don’t have the experience for that nor the time to practice. Sometimes they don’t even have access to ammo even if they wanted it. (my oldest son is currently on tour in Afghanistan, confirmed that he had minimal time with the M16 he was issued). Most soldiers get to, at least shoot a few rounds to sight in their weapon to insure that the bullet lands where it’s pointed. Apparently not in an actual war zone!

And it gets even better:

U.S. military officials told NBC News that the new order did not mean personnel were required to keep a round in the chamber.

So in a crucial moment when every second counts, when some traitorous bastard that you trusted to take over security for you turns on you and start shooting your friends, you’ve got to work the weapon to chamber a round rather than flip the safety off? It’s obvious that the rules aren’t being written by folks that have been on the ground but pencil-pushing appease-niks who would rather our boys die than offend someone.

Gah. I need to get to the range…

That is all.

Some if this material reblogged from http://www.ma-rooned.com/


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