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 After reading all the hoopla about Rep. Todd Akin (R-Ignoramus) on his comments about rape.  Yes, he was a bit insensitive.  Probably even a little stupid in the terms of getting re-elected.  What I really want to know is why are so many voters easily distracted by stupid crap? Ya know, like politicians who tickle their throats with their toes! Yup, the media is focusing, FOX included, on what one guy said about rape. Here is a news flash: Our economy is in the crapper, we owe more money to the Chinese than we could pay back in two lifetimes,  the feds are taking over private institutions, illegals are still breaking into the country,  47% of American citizens are on some sort of welfare handout,  our country is still involved in a war that most people don’t know why we are still fighting it, $4 a gallon gas, and a Russian sub cruising around in the Gulf of Mexico, just to name a few of the bigger concerns.

It is my opinion, we are in deep.  We are in the middle of two elections of seeing our country transform into something nobody is going to like, even the ones who hope for change.

May God help us all

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