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Happy Labor Day

  Just a few facts to start off the Labor day.  The holiday means a lot more to me than what the Communist originators made it to be.  Oregon was the first state to make Labor Day a holiday in 1887.  On June 28, 1894, Congress passed an actmaking the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday in the District of Columbia and the territories. With this trivia, the Democrats are kicking off more trivia… the Democratic National Convention!

The Republicans have finally finished their convention.  I know you both thought that this was boring and tedious… Well, here comes the Democratic National Convention, and across our great nation, millions of people are preparing for this historic event by making sure they’ve got plenty of movies in their Netflix queues and liquor within easy reach.  On the other hand, I have actually been preparing myself for this Communist freak show.  I have decided that I am going to do my best to be amiable and watch the Democrat Convention this week. I am going to watch it until I just can’t stand it anymore. Communist noise has an adverse effect on my health. Nonetheless I am going to give it my best shot. Why? I already know what I’m going to hear. There is nothing new that they can tell me. It’s the same old worn-out nonsense but I anticipate that their public display of depravity may have some level of desperation to it that I haven’t yet seen. Why, torture yourself you say. Well, I happen to work with a bunch of radically liberal people who, for some bizarre reason, still believe in the “hope and change” thing and are willing to prove it with their vote.  All the televisions and radios in my place of employment will be tuned to the DNC, 24/7.  They will be wearing Obama buttons and talking it up “how great Obama is, or how Mitt is a Bain Capitol criminal…  blah, blah.  I could complain, but as the new minority in this strange society, I know that the blade of discriminatory practice only slices one way. Portland Oregon, is beyond crazy.  I’m certain that this area will go at least 80/20 in favor of Obama.  To prove my theory, you can go down to Burnside   avenueon anytime after 5pm and see an amazing freak show.  I won’t go into detail, but believe me, it’s scary and amazing.  After witnessing this with my own two eyes once,   I am not suprised in their choice in politicians.

Just like the Portland city council, the DNC will be a Circus… “Come one, come all! See human nature’s shocking mistakes! See the world’s fattest deficit, see the jobless wonder, millions of pickled punks, the “black panther” attorney general, the woman who can’t say anything positive, see the most number of ex-cons and felons gathered together in one presidential cabinet in history! Oh and lets not forget the amazing two-faced president! Step right this way!”

Oh boy, it’s going to be a looooooong week


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