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Actually, you did build this

  President Obama – You Did Build This…  Why are we getting so upset over the new uprisings in the middle east?  Why are we  getting so upset over the death of Americans in the Embassy?  I mean when Egypt was having the overthrow of the government and the “Muslim Brotherhood” was coming into power in that country, our President was praising them and  celebrating the “Arab Spring.”  Now it’s time to pay the piper Mr. President.

If this sitting President had even an  small as semblance of a testicle, he would call up the Libyan president (and any other country that we support), and say “you are not getting another single dime of US support as long as you are not able to prove that you are an allay to American interests.  As a matter of fact, we’re going to freeze all of your assets in banks here in this country until you can prove your an allay to the US.  This would certainly turn things around and the governments of these backwater countries would put an immediate halt to this violence.

But this isn’t going to happen.  Not only do we send Hundreds of Billions of dollars to the countries that cause us the most grief, but Obama actually supports this uprising and has  actual Muslim Brotherhood members in his cabinet!

How outraged are you willing to become? It is time for outrage.

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