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ICU Revisited

  Today I had lunch with one of the old PACU nurses that I worked with many years ago.  We reminisced over the life and times, back in the day, when we both worked the ICU.  She had given me report a little earlier on a patient that had multiple problems … cardiomyopathy, A-fib, diabetes, vascular disease, pancratitis, previous spinal fusion, total joint in shoulder and knee, chronic pain… otherwise basically healthy.  I laughed, “just the kind of patient we need to be doing an elective procedure, in an out-patient setting.”  She said, “Hey, it wasn’t ordered, but I got an EKG just because… I ain’t having anyone die on my watch.”  I laughed again saying,  “just like the old days,  when each and every hour when we took our  vital, charted, tallied up our urine output and IV drips, etc, we’d  chant,  ‘just five more hours,’  or however  many was left till the end of the shift.”  She laughed again.  “Yea, those were the days.”

Hey, this reminds me of another story.  I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.


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