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Once Is An Accident, Twice Is Coincidence…

Posted by jdtaylor on December 2, 2012


Earlier this week,  the story broke of the tractor trailer full of S&W guns that saw over 100 guns stolen from it and sold on the street. Now we have this story:

Report: More than 100 rifles stolen from train car in metro Atlanta

ATLANTA– Authorities say they’re searching for dozens of rifles stolen from a train car somewhere in metro Atlanta.

Atlanta station WSB-TV reports that more than 100 rifles were taken in the heist from a CSX boxcar.

Forgive me for being just a little bit paranoid here, but we’re seeing two different incidents where over a hundred firearms were stolen off of common carriers. The first one was handguns. The second was rifles. The tinfoil hat side of me can’t help but look at “Fast & Furious” and wonder if this isn’t another “under the radar” deal to drum up support for more gun control.

Think about how much the price of a firearm would go up if they had to ship via armored car rather than on a common carrier. You don’t need to make firearms illegal if a Ruger 22 costs a thousand bucks, and an M&P-15 is north of $2.5K. Interest will dry up on its own over time – much like full auto, when only the independently wealthy can afford firearms, they become so far removed from the population that they can be ignored.

Take it one step further. If an 18 wheeler coming out of Smith & Wesson isn’t safe, nor is a boxcar on a freight train, how on earth can we permit just any average joe to transport a firearm without seventeen different anti-theft devices? They won’t outlaw interstate transport, they’ll just require that you have an armored trunk with a pager alarm that’s monitored 24/7 by ADT…

Mark my words – we’ll see a shipment of ammunition disappear within the next 60 days and it will be all over the national news and then guess what…


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