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Hump Day Humor


Yesterday I got to scrub with the Oncology surgeons again.  I like to scrub and I like to work with these guys.   I’m not sure why but they are uaually pretty upbeat and fun to work with.   My favorite Oncologist usually comes up with a cool new study or a joke to tell.  Here’s one for today…
A man hears from his doctor that he has cancer and only has six months to live. The man says “surely there is something you can do!”  The doctor looks at him and back at the prognosis and says, “yes, I thought of something… I recommend that you marry an accountant and move to North Dakota. The man asks, “Will this cure my cancer?” “No,” said the doctor, “but the six months will seem much longer!”

Not terribly funny… O.K,  here’s one more…

A testicular cancer patient sees a urologist to schedule an orchiectomy. The doctor tells him the operation will cost $4,000. The patient says, “wow, that’s expensive,  is there any way I can get a discount?”  The doctor answers, “well, I could do two for the price of one”.

Well, I didn’t say they would be good.  Remember, be careful out there.


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