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So What’s wrong with Gun Control?


I had a discussion with a liberal friend in GI lab today.  He said, “I have a gun, I mean,  I’m a gun owner and I still don’t think that Americans should be allowed to own assault rifles. I mean, where do you draw the line?  When do you say enough is enough?”

I say,  you should allow “responsible Americans” to have whatever they want.  If you are proven to be irresponsible, then steps are taken.  It’s just like driving a car.  If you drink and drive, run over school children in cross walks or do anything that is illegal or irresponsible, you will soon find yourself as a pedestrian or in prison.  When some yahoo runs down a pedestrian while in a drunken stupor, no liberal politician screams to ban cars.  They simply punish this idiot to the fullest extent of the law.


I just want to say,  when any politician says he wants to talk about gun control to enhance safety for our children,  it’s never about the guns.  It’s all about the control.


I told him that I am of an age that my life is nearing it’s end.  I fear for my children and the greatness of this country.  I don’t really care about the guns.  I’ve done machine work.  If I want a gun, I could go out in my shop and make one from scratch.  So,  why is this issue so important to me?  See my last post:   http://anursewithattitude.org/?p=1480


And for my liberal and naive friend Adam,  I saw a movie once where in your “ideal society”  where we didn’t need guns and only the police and the military had guns….   It was called “Schindlers List.”

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