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Feelin’ Better


I know it’s not exactly full steam ahead.  I forget this sometimes.  I also forget that, as I get older, I take longer to heal.  I also shirk at the very idea of “wasting time.”   I keep saying to myself, “dammit, I’ve got crap to do, I gotta get out of bed and get moving.”  I slept in and I don’t have much regret over it, I knew I needed to rest, I spent several days in bed earlier in the week with my crazy sick thoughts, and high fever, and sore throat, so yes, rest, when you are sick, it is necessary.

I probably went back to work a little too soon. Yesterday morning I was so tired and elected to stay in bed.  And work, the day before, was not that stressful at all.  I got up only for some soup the whole day.  At around noon, I got up for the morning.  I felt so much better that once I finished up my morning routine, of which I added an extra page of writing–couple pages of notes on another short story, they are piling up.  I even wrote a little addendum to my blog.  I will work a  little more tomorrow to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper.  I will make my new goal to get up sometimes before the sun goes down to go on a long walk.  I have to do my daily work to keep my cardiologist happy.

I made up for the lack of activity by going for an hour-long walk. Of course, I pushed it a little.    I went up the hill  to the Yankton market and had a cup of coffee and a piece of blackberry pie.  A nice goal to a my exercise.

By the time I got back,  I was ready for a nap.

I seriously could have crawled right back into bed. Where the hell did all my energy go?

Oh yeah, I was sick yesterday. I am still a little sick, I am sick as I write this, better yes, but full on healthy, nope. I can feel it in my nose and in my energy level.

I made myself a second bowl of chicken noodle and instead of getting back under the covers I put on my jeans and started my exceedingly long list of chores.


When I’m done… if I get through this list today and still feel pretty good.  I think that, with my dinner, I’ll go ahead and get my “flu shot.”

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