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Super Bowl Sunday


thCAANUTCM  Whoopee!,  It’s Super Bowl Sunday.  Well, it’d be great if I were an actual “sports fan.”   Actually I don’t watch sports at all.  I play sports…  I was a wrestler in High School.  I played college baseball.  I ran college track.  But performing the act of sitting on a couch, eating fatty foods and passively watching a sporting event… Nope. Can’t do it.  No interest at all.  My friends at work look at me like I am a loose, demented, mental patient when I say I don’t watch sports.  “What… no, it can’t be.  Everyone watches sports.”  they say.  But I say, “The  only sports that I’ll sit down to watch, are the events where my own kids are active players.”   They look at me like  I have three heads.  The last time this happened, one of the guys said, “hey, you just haven’t gotten involved in the event.  I’ll bet if you get started and go to an actual game, get involved in the excitement, you couldn’t stop.”  I smiled and said, “I’ll explain how little  I care for observing a bunch of over paid,  mental deficits who couldn’t possibly function in normal society, throwing a ball around.  Once, while attending a conference in Detroit, my boss came up with a hand full of tickets.”

He said, “Hey,  I’ve got mid court tickets for a basketball game… lets go.”  I politely declined.  He went on (now this is my corporate boss, in charge of the whole Western region,)  insisting that I go with him to this game.  “Hey, this really a once in a lifetime game.  Magic Johnson is playing against Michael Jordan.  Are you sure?”

I was sure.  I had so little interest in fussing with Detroit traffic, fighting the crowd, I elected to stay at the hotel, have a beer, watch a little TV,  and retire early.

Call me mentally challenged, but I can’t see the hysteria or the purpose of all of the money squandered.  Sounds crazy to most of you, but I probably won’t  be watching any of the “Super” bowl game.  I may just go fishing or something a bit more quiet and peaceful.


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