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I  know that I’ve talked about the  People of Wal-Mart and I’ve talked about Wal-Mart Bingo. If you want to play, Get your cards HERE.  I just noticed that these people seem  to be a bit more common than they were in Oregon.

I couldn’t help noticing that there seems to be a lot more unhealthy people here than there were back in Oregon.  I  mean the ratio of  diabetic, 400 pounders on a rascal scooter, smoking a non-filter cigarette to normal people is obviously considerably higher in the South.  I’m not sure why that is.  I mean that the genetic mix is no different than that of Oregon.  After three days, I think that it may be the food.

For example, in Oregon I would have organic oatmeal with splenda for breakfast and a piece of fish on a palate of rice for lunch.  Here in Alabama, it is customary to have two eggs, bacon, grits, red eye gravy and a biscuit made with bacon grease for breakfast.  Lunch consists of fried fish, fried okra, fried potato’s and some green beans swimming with a ham hock.

In Oregon, people eat healthy and exercise regularly. I mean I ran a few miles a day and rode my bicycle to town at least once a week.  If you look around Portland, you will see literally hundreds of bicyclers and hundreds of joggers each and every day.  They even have special bike lanes and special bike intersections at the red lights.  It’s the culture.  Here in Alabama.  People are a lot less healthy.  No one rides a bicycle unless you have recently had a DUI.  No one runs unless you have recently robbed a liquor store and the cops are on your tail.

Yep, Southern cooking is really, really good… but probably not at all good for you.  In the last week, I’ve gained back all of the weight that I had lost in the time that I was sick, plus a few pounds.

To sum it up,  I think that if I hadn’t moved to Oregon when I did, I’d already be dead.

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