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MSNBC Answers a Conservative Question



Why did (and still do) the liberals shriek over the very  idea of George Bush going into Iraq and killing Saddam  (even with the supportive vote of Congress).  And it is perfectly acceptable for President Obama to kill people randomly (some of which are Americans) via drone strikes without due process, trial, provocation,  or even a reason on his own.  I don’t listen to MSNBC, but they is saying that killing Americans is a-okay, as long as President Obama is the one killing them.  She says that the argument of comparing Bush to Obama as far as lefty support is concerned is wrong because the two are fundamentally different. “Bush is an idiot” and Obama is a “fundamentally good actor”.   The President having the ability to kill Americans without regard to their rights or protections codified in the US Constitution is cool, because she trusts him.  To this day, “only 65 Americans”  have been purposely targeted by drone strike.  “That is such a insignificant number when you think of all of the good he (The President) has done for peace,”  says an MSNBC correspondent.

Welcome to Germany, circa 1933


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