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It’s Tax Time!



I’m gathering my paperwork and getting ready to head off to my accountant to see what I owe.  I don’t want to sound preachy, I mean, many of my readers e-mail and tell me how they don’t appreciate religious application of fact.  However, my religion and my faith is where I get guidance, so please bear with me. For all that we have, God says we are to pay a tithe, or a tax of 10%.  He doesn’t have a sliding scale.  He doesn’t say that you can pay less if you’re in a down economy… it’s a flat 10% all the time.  With this in mind, I know that most of mankind is corrupt,  but the American tax code is ridiculous.  It is so complex that the people who work with it for a living can’t agree on some issues.   My accountant explained, “it’s so complex that even if you try to do everything right, if someone really wanted to tag you with evasion, they could.”  He went on to explain, “by the same token, skirt paying your taxes, there are so many loopholes, and if you grease the right palms, you could do that too… if all depends on who are your friends and who are your enemies in politics.”  Most politicians, the liberals, even my union friends at work all go on and on about “fairness.”  Even Obama goes on about how the “rich must pay their fair share.”  OK,  I’m in agreement! Let’s be fair!  Let everyone pay their fair share.  Let’s default to Gods tax system.  If it’s good enough for Him, it should be good enough for the federal government.  For example, if someone is poor and only makes $100 bucks this week, he only pays $10 bucks in taxes to Uncle Sam.  If someone is rich like say Bill Gates,   and makes 100 billion, he pays 10 billion in taxes.  No loopholes, no tax breaks, no deductions, no shelters, no cheating, he simply pays his 10%.  What you say?  We haven’t punished the rich enough?  Who says we have to punish the rich.  That guy just paid ten billion dollars in taxes for goodness sake!  The current tax code is a mess.  Did you know that there is over 600 banks in the Cayman Islands.  They’re there for a reason.  Yes, we do need for everyone to pay their fair share.  But to do this, we must first simplify.  If we make everyone pay, then we will not only have a lot more money, but all that money held up in banks overseas, will come back to America for re-investment into this country.  America would be prosperous again.  I know that this is only fantasy and couldn’t possibly happen, ever.  Why, because what the liberals, the news media, and the stars in Hollywood won’t tell, is the majority of these investments in the Cayman Islands are rich liberals. They enjoy the Status quo and they pay a lot of money to Congressmen to keep it that way.


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