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A Case for Perversion

Posted by jdtaylor on March 6, 2013


I want to get one thing straight… I’m not a gay basher.  I don’t even care.  I just don’t want to hear all the dirty details.  Live and let live.  I guess I’m the “don’t ask, don’t tell”  type.  I’ve said for a long time that same-sex marriage is not about equal rights,  gay rights or even anti-discrimination.  It is strictly a liberal agenda to tear down organized religion, and nothing else.  It’s like that bakery owner in Portland who was asked to make a same sex wedding cake.  He refused saying he “didn’t believe in that.”  He went on to say that “there are dozens of other bakeries in town who would love to make this cake for you.  Please…  simply go to one of them.”   The disgruntled couple didn’t.  They got a lawyer and pressed for discrimination  and unfair business practices.  This is still in courts and will probably cause this poor smuck’s business to go under.  This heavy handedness is Cultural Marxism.  I have said before, if a gay couple comes into my church and asks to be married, I’d say, “hey, go to the Episcopal church, they’d love to marry you.  We simply don’t believe in that here.”  One day very soon, that will be judged as discriminatory practice and the government will have the ability to strip away my churches tax exempt status for making that decision.

Society has ruled (by voter referendum) that they all disapprove of same sex marriage and it is considered a deviant behavior.  In the state of California, this vote has come up several times as it has here in Oregon.  California has voted down same sex marriage and went on to pass a law (by popular vote) that a marriage is considered between one man and one woman.  This smacks the gay rights groups.  Today President Obama said that he couldn’t get Congress to “fix the California problem” so he would “appeal to the United States Supreme court to over turn this terrible decision as discriminatory and provide equality for gays in California.”

Yale hosts workshop in bestiality!   Okay, if 3% of the people have engaged in bestiality, then 3% of the people are freaking perverts. Cultural Marxism seeks to normalize deviant behaviors because those behaviors destroy traditional values, and thus the glue which binds America. Marriages and lives are destroyed by sexually deviant behavior. The liberal says there is nothing wrong with being different, even if you’re having sex with your sister or your neighbor’s dog.

Cultural Marxism has won the gay war and is now moving on to their next objective. They’re legitimizing pedophilia, bestiality, incest, and any other form of deviant sexual behavior one could find, to further destroy our society.

In a survey reported by the Yale Daily News revealed that nine percent of the respondents had been paid for sex, 3 percent had engaged in bestiality, and 52 percent had participated in “consensual pain” during sex.

The director of the campus diversity dept at Yale, Giuliana Berry, said that she put on an event to assess peoples needs and to teach students not to automatically judge people who may have engaged in these sorts of activities, but rather to respond with “understanding” and “compassion.”

“People do engage in some of these activities that we believe only perverts would engage in,” she said. “What the goal is to increase compassion for people who may engage in activities that are not what you would personally consider normal.”

McDevitt referred to the range of activities discussed in the workshop as “sexual diversity.”

“It tries to get people to be more sensitive … to sexual diversity.”  She went on to say, “We’re not all heterosexual, able-bodied folks who have standard missionary sex.”

The class was hosted and taught by Dr. Jill McDevitt, a sexologist.  During the workshop, McDevitt taught the approximately 40 students that just because people think something is deviant does not mean that it is bad.

“It’s sensitivity training,” McDevitt told Campus Reform. “Don’t judge other people, because we all have something we are embarrassed about.”

The event was part of Yale’s Sex Weekend, which ran from Feb. 28 through March 3. Sponsors included Yale Women’s Center, Undergraduate Organizations Committee, the Sexual Harassment and AssaultResponseEducationCenter at Yale, and SeLF: The Sexual Literacy Forum.


This sounds kooky and isolated.  On the other hand,  I fear to even guess that this is just as popular at “The Center for Diversity” at my own place of employment here in Portland Oregon.


“Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.” ~John Adams


Portions reblogged from my friend notamobster over at the Revo

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