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The Right to Healthcare?


I got into an argumentative discussion with one of my liberal friends at work the other day about the “right to healthcare” and how Obama is righting all wrongs…

Needless to say, this argument pushed a lot of buttons on all sorts of levels with me.  I am a not a Republican.  I am a Libertarian and I believe in smaller government and the need for individual responsibility.  I have also been a registered nurse for 25 years, so health care is not a new concern for me.

The liberal democrats have harped on and one about health care being an individual right guaranteed to all Americans.  I disagree.  The things that are a guaranteed right are ideals, like freedom, to say what’s on your mind, to self protection.  Healthcare is a tangible thing, like money, gas, an automobile, or a cell phone.  These things are not guaranteed to anyone.  Anything that you have to take from someone else, is not free.  Also, anytime you have to force someone to do something for someone else, such as with the doctor that is involved in this free healthcare scheme, then it is certainly not free.  Healthcare is a finite product that is bought and traded like anything else on the market.  Unfortunately, if you can’t afford the best healthcare you don’t get it.  Just like in Britain and Canada.  It pains me, but I agree with the liberals in that the American healthcare system is in serious need of repair.  Because it is a finite product, it is something that can indeed run out.  Most people, especially liberals) don’t understand this.  More than once in my profession, I have had to deal with running out of something.  For example, I have had (on several occasions) a gang banger, shot up in a drug deal, comes to the ER.  In saving his life, we depleted the blood bank of all of the O negative blood.  An hour later, an upstanding citizen.  A tax payer.  A family man with a loving wife, three kids,  a dog,  a house,  a thriving career etc.  He is hit by a drunk driver and dies because we have no blood in the blood bank.  Unfortunately, it was used up saving the piece of crap murdering dope dealer shot by the police.   Is this right?  No it is not!

The new Obama health plan is not the utopia that most thought it was.  There are just as many people who don’t get care now as before.  Only now there is a medical panel who decides who gets care and who doesn’t. (The Republicans called it a death panel)   If you are of median age and has a job and will potentially pay into the system, then you go to the top of the list.  If you are old and you don’t have that many years left of being a taxpayer,  you’re out of luck.  I don’t like it.  It actually pains me to admit that I can agree with anything that Obama does, but I think it makes more sense than what we had before.  Obama is simply placing,  your value to society,  as a factor in where you are in getting health care.  On the other hand, I know that once this takes hold, the liberals will definately NOT like this at all!

Well, to get back on topic,  I don’t have a problem with government provided health care.  I have a serious problem with “healthcare being an individual right.”   If healthcare was an actual “right,”  then where would it stop?  When you start giving anyone something at the expense of others, it is wrong?  Is it a right to have free housing provided?  Is it a right to have free food?  Is it a right to eat as much as you want and anything you want?  How about alcohol… is it a right to have free beer? How about a free car to get where I’m going?  How about the right to drive that care while drinking all the free beer that I can drink?  Does the government have the right to control me and my drunk driving?  Whatever happened to the right to freedom?  I think that this is where I started this discussion. What about simple freedom?   What about the the right privacy and the freedom from having the government interfereing in your everyday life?


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