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Strange Nurse Food


I was eating my lunch the other day.  I had jokingly claimed that it was “fish heads and rice”  “A well known Vietnamese delicacy.” I told my oncology surgeon. He sounded like a squeamish  little girl,  “Eeeeewwwww!”  I laughed and told him  It wasn’t actually the heads of fish.  It was chopped tilapia filets, rice and a few vegetables.  He still seemed a little squeamish over what I had.  I would have had the actual heads if I could ever find someone that actually sold them. 

On occasion, I forget to pack my lunch.  When I get hungry, I’ll eat most anything.  I’ve eaten some strange things in my days as an ICU nurse.  I’ve consumed everything from saltines to tube feeding. Obviously, this is not an uncommon issue with nurses.  I looked it  up the other day and found this article at Scrubsmag.com…


 Everyone knows a nurse’s lunch break goes something like this: You take your lunch exactly at noon and relax for a full hour in peace and quiet while you eat a wholesome and delicious homemade meal. Right?

Wrong! Unfortunately, most nurses barely get the chance to scarf down some Doritos on their lunch break—if they get one at all! We were curious about the weird lunch combinations nurses are forced to put together, so here’s a list of nurses commenting on the strangest lunch they’ve ever eaten at work. Can you top these?

The top 10 weirdest things you’ve ever eaten for lunch on the job!

1. Pickles and chocolate. It goes well with coffee, LOL. I was STARVING!
—Conni Errickson Miller

2. A pack of mint M&Ms, BBQ beef jerky, a pack of my son’s Scooby-Doo fruit snacks and milk! LOL. I work in the ICU, which means sometimes you eat whatever is in your purse that day, IF you get to eat at all!
—Jennifer Lockhart Dodd

3. Pork chops cooked via coffee pot.
—Tameka Hardy

4. Leftover corn tortilla with mustard and sauerkraut. COLD!
—Sharma Joyce

5. Coffee from a sterile urine specimen cup ’cause there were no cups to be had.
—Susan Madonia Schrank

6. Oatmeal with strawberry Pop Rocks.
—Robert Steven Gazaway

7. Ice cream float…made with strawberry Ensure…very interesting.
—Brittany Tessier RN

8. Crab bites that fell on the floor…three-second rule! I was that hungry!
—Melanie Whittington

9. A bottle of bacon bits.
—Kristen Natali

10. I swallowed my chewing gum….
—Susie K. Adams-LeValley

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten for lunch on the job?


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