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Hair Appointment Advice



I had to go to work alone today. I usually carpool with my wife. We’ve gotten on the same shift. Pretty nice and saves gas money too. Today is different, however. She can’t work today because she’s got a hair appointment. She arranged to be off and she traded a day for later next week or something. Oh well.

Once in a while, I’ll overhear a conversation that concerns me.

“You should really see my psychic.”

“Oh, I’ve got this great psychic; you’ll just love her.”

You have a psychic. In this day and age. Really? I know you’re not talking about a ‘one-time thing’ where you and your friend were drunk at the county fair and you stopped at a dirty tent with a buzzing neon sign that says “TAROT” and you decided that it would be fun to have your fortune told, just this once, by a one-eyed carnie. It’s ok. People make mistakes.

But no, you have a psychic that you see regularly enough to call them ‘yours’. And you’re paying them to tell you things about you that you already know. After all, most of their advice or ‘visions’ are so general that they apply to most people and you will nod when they get to some statement that sounds remotely familiar. We’re humans. We naturally make connections in our minds.

Now, I’m going to save some of the ladies (and maybe some of the men) out there a good deal of money and dignity by sharing a little secret with you. What if I told you that you might already have your very own psychic? Look no further than your very own hairdresser. If you have a hairdresser, and I mean one that you see regularly, they provide the exact same service as a psychic, with the added benefits of a) making you look awesome, b) not making creepy wavy hand gestures unless there’s a pair of scissors involved, and c) probably not ripping you off.

How does your hairdresser do this feat you ask? You sit in the stylist’s chair and you tell them your life’s story. Your money problems, boyfriend problems, mother-in-law problems, you tell it all. The issues just spill out to this person who hardly knows you, yet they know you so well. Your third-party hairdresser pretends to understand, nodding all the while and at least appearing to agree with you. After careful consideration, they then give you unrehearsed, opinionated advice that you take seriously because they don’t really know you and must be able to see something that you, your friends, and family can’t.

“You should totally dump him. He’s cheating on you.”

“You have great ideas! You’re going to be rich. And I’ll keep doing your hair without raising the price!”

In the end, you’re welcome to believe whatever you’d like to believe. I’m not saying psychics aren’t intuitive or can’t give you good advice. I’m saying they’re like unlicensed counselors, they may have good intuition and may give you some good pieces of advice, but they don’t see your future.

Anyway, I’ll be at work and my wife will be at her hair dresser all day today. I look forward to getting home and our dinner table discussion. I’m curious to hear all about her new advice that she has just received while getting her hair done!

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