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Quitting Time



I’m tired.  My body seems to fail more than usual.  Since I had my heart trouble, I get tired more easily than then ever.  I’ve thought ,  “as long as I still have a strong mind, I’ll be fine.”  But, what if that goes too?

So just in case… I turned in my resignation today!   I filled out the papers, typed it up neatly, “two weeks from this date will be my last day as a nurse at this facility.”  I even added a few other comments like… “how I enjoyed my work here,” and “Thank you for your guidance and support for the years… blah, blah.”   Then I signed it and turned it in.

I did, however, leave the date blank.  I had a talk with my manager about my dad,  my last visit to Alabama  and his mental status.  I talked about my fears and what it means to come to the end of a nursing career.

Nursing is not like working in a factory.  At the Ford company, the old, confused guy may still work and do just fine.  If he messes up, maybe your passenger side window doesn’t roll up and down… no big deal.  In Nursing, you’re dealing with people’s lives.  If I mess up, I couldn’t live with myself.  So I study, take continuing education classes, and monitor my practice.  I exercise regularly and I take university (non-credit) classes to keep my mind sharp.  Unfortunately, decline in mental health is a slow and insidious  thing.   I have seen what happens to good nurses who slide into dementia and incompetence.    My greatest fear is,  with a really slow progression, how will you ever know?    To you, in your own mind, everything is perfectly normal.  Do you have to wait until something bad happens to get the realization?  How do you know if your sliding and your practice suffers? In my new found paranoia, I’ve asked to have frequent reviews.  I’ve asked for a peer review to support the manager’s evaluations.

I’ve seen nurses on the in-patient side whose practice has suffered.  The charge nurse  no longer assigns them a room.  Instead, the charge nurse is creative at finding make-work.  They are stuck at doing chart audits,  giving flu shots,  or setting up rooms.  Sometimes they are simply sitting in the lounge watching TV as the “trauma-back-up nurse.”   I couldn’t bear  this, or even having anyone worry about my potential danger to a patient.  So to keep this from ever happening to me… I quit.

I will leave the decision to my manager.  It could be tomorrow or it could be in another ten years… I don’t know.  I guess I’ll never know.  But, If anyone ever thinks that I might be slipping,  I trust my manager to simply call me or send me an e-mail and say, “Hey John,  I signed your resignation today.  You really don’t have to come to work tomorrow.  Take a trip and have fun!”  No drama, no regrets. No pot luck, no hard feelings… Just a happy end to a long and happy career.


Understanding the Media



Mark Steyn points out the national media template for terrorist attacks.

If a terrorist is a conservative, white American, his actions tell us something about all conservative white Americans in general.

If, on the other hand, a terrorist is a Muslim,  his actions tell us absolutely nothing about Islam.  “That’s their culture… and we certainly can’t judge a whole culture based on one crazy person anyway.”

h/t to R.D. Walker

On NBC, the talking heads kept going on about how he (the Boston bomber) was a victim and  was coerced by someone else who was radical.

I don’t even know how to describe this. The left seems almost panicked as they grope and flail for the means to separate the Boston Bombers from any connection to Islam or jihad. I really can’t summarize what they say because it is a dog’s breakfast of nonsense. You can tell they are frustrated but feel a compulsion to say over and over that this bombing had nothing to do with the fact that the bombers were Muslims and immigrants. Maybe they were motivated by classical music. Maybe it was Ben Affleck movies. Maybe it was anything – please, oh please – anything except jihad.

It is fascinating.

The foul irony is that these same liberal idiots  would now be condemning everyone right of  John McCain  if the bomber were an Anglo-American and voted for Mitt Romney. Had that been the case, these geniuses would have known EXACTLY  the motive of the bomber.

In another story, the Sydney Morning Herald  was so confident the Boston Bombers were Tea Partiers they had a graphic made. (see pic)

They are desperate to make us enemies of the state. They want it so badly they can no longer restrain themselves.  It’s truly a sad state of American journalism.

Crazy Leftist



There is a nurse that I work with who is a far, far, leftist. She is the most radical person I know.  And I know a lot of people.  She is a lesbian, and a fascist,  and I find it very frustrating whenever I agree with any liberal.  But when I agree with a nut-case like this girl, it makes me stress.  But we have agreed on many things just this month.  It scare me.   Well,  on the other hand, maybe wacky liberals can, on occasion, make perfect sense.  Yea, and a room full of monkeys with typewriters can write something important…  Damn.  Now I find myself in agreement with Chuck Schumer and it makes me want to reevaluate my underlying logic.

A terrible crime committed by an American citizen here on American soil, and it is still considered a  crime, not military combat.   I wish someone would explain to me why this is suddenly now an issue. Especially after  we have declared the shooter at FortHood who was shouting “alluh akbar”  while killing our American Soldiers on an actual military base a case of simple “workplace violence”. Please, someone explain how is one of these considered a case of an enemy combatant’s assault on America and the other just another dude going postal?

History will repeat itself… God help us




Does this sound familiar? It is a quote from the great one. He was my number two favorite President… just after Ron.

“The Roman Republic fell, not because of the ambition of Caesar or Augustus, but because it had already long ceased to be in any real sense a republic at all. When the Roman citizen, who once lived by his own labor,  had been changed into an idle creature who craved nothing in life but the gratification of a thirst for vapid excitement.  He was fed and clothed by the state, and directly or indirectly sold his vote.   This is when the end of the republic was at hand, and nothing could save it. The laws were the same as they had been, but the people behind the laws had changed, and so the laws counted for nothing.” – President Theodore Roosevelt

October 27, 1858 – January 6, 1919

Get Involved



I try not to get too political on this blog, but today I’m going to by making a personal request of my readers.


It’s time for firearms owners to take a lesson from the gay rights movement and come out of the closet. Those that would ban firearms need to see and hear from us right now. We need to be respectful, intelligent, and informed, but we need to be visible. We need to say, “We are your daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers and neighbors and friends. We sit next to you at the PTA meeting, worship with you in your church.  We work with you side by side. You know us and you know that we aren’t criminals or murderers. Forget the stereotypes you see in the major televised media;  we are regular people just like you.

Write your elected officials. (You can find your Congressperson here, and your Senators here). Tell them why people like you are not the problem. Encourage them to take real action on the real problems (public safety funding, mental health services, ineffective and dangerous gun-free zone laws etc.) rather than demonizing the vast numbers of law abiding American citizens who simply own guns.

Support the Second Amendment Foundation. Or the NRA. Or your state and local gun rights organizations. Better yet, support all of them. They need your money, but they also need your time and energy and passion.

When Great Britain enacted a ban on firearms, the criminals declared open season on law-abiding citizens. The crime rate soared, and now the UK is the most dangerous country in Europe, with a per capita violent crime rate that exceeds the United   States. The same thing has happened in other countries that have banned guns. The liberal politicians won’t tell you but, the police have no legal responsibility to protect you.  It has already been defeated in the United States Supreme Court.  The police cannot be held responsible for any harm that comes to you from their lack of response. Your access to self-protection is your only guaranteed means of staying safe. Don’t let them take this away.

Don’t think it can’t happen here.

Make your voices heard, now and often. We’ve had historic gains in gun rights in recent years, but the war hasn’t been won yet. Get involved, get active, get visible. Come out of the closet!

Coping with Stress



You would think that it would be common knowledge as a nurse.  I guess I’m a denier and thus the last to know.  But stress is perhaps the most common reason why people get sick. Unfortunately, stress is part of everyday life.  I feel that nurses are liken to air traffic controllers.  They manage very high stress and dealing with non-compliant irate doctors while forced to work with apathetic administrators can weigh heavy on your overall health.  How we deal with stress is what makes the difference in how we maintain our health or let the stress break us down so that we get sick. The more stress you deal with, the better your coping mechanism must be.  I have been able to work with my stress after my heart issue.  My wife, on the other hand, has had some difficulties with stress.  Since my heart attack, she has ramped up her stress levels by a factor of about ten.  We’ve decided that my house,  with all of the acres of land,  is difficult to care for.  She has decided that, if I were to suddenly kack off with an unexpected episode of sudden death, she would have quite a difficult time working the land.  So we’re selling.  After all of the bargaining, counter-offers,  building inspectors,  finding a new place, haggling with the real estate lady, just to name a few, has got my poor wife in a bundle of nerves.  Yesterday evening, the roof started leaking.  Today, the gutter guy, cleaning lady, roof guy, sheet-rock guy, and the “got junk” guy were all coming to the house.   She was running around like her hair was on fire.  She didn’t break into tears, but her voice got trembly a few times.  She was packing up stuff and the tape dispenser clogged.  She started  yelling.  “Sweetie, calm down, it isn’t that bad.”  She glared.  “How can you be so calm, this deal could all fall through, you know.”  I told her, “just take a hot shower and try to relax, if it wasn’t meant to be, then it just wasn’t meant to be.  I’m comfortable that we will eventually sell and we’ll be happy.”  She glared again and said in a voice six decibels louder and two octaves higher, “you and your Zen attitude is not making me any more comfortable.  You simply don’t understand the issues here.  I’m feeling shaky and achy.  There’s no way I can go to work tomorrow. I’ve got to stay and see this through.”

A friend sent me this happy way to manage stress.  I thought it was a little funny and strangely applicable.  Coping with stress simply means accepting that stress cannot be eliminated but can be controlled as well as the results of it in our lives.

Here are some HAPPY ways to cope with stress:

H – Have a regular break from routine work. Remember that you are not a machine. Your body needs to readjust a little once in a while. A 15 minute break for instance is really helpful for the body to reenergize and continue with the work. Do regular deep breathing or when you have time do yoga exercises. In this way, more oxygen levels circulate your body as you move. If your work gives you a break, take advantage of it.

A – Acknowledge that stress is normal in life. Being aware that stress is really bound to happen to you may make the load easier to carry. Identify the things that cause stress or simply called stressors. Once you have identified it, you are now on the way of solving to control that particular stressor.

P – Pay attention to your body. Sometimes, you body may signal hunger, sweat or need for a comfortable temperature. These are normal and helpful signs that your body is adjusting to the physical stress that you feel. Grabbing a snack or replenishing yourself with fluids can keep you going.

P – Place a time for everything. Try to keep time with work, rest, relaxation and sometimes play. Giving you body a huge variety of levels of exertion will make your body fitted to cope up with the pressures. Practice to place a specific time for everything and you’ll see that everything will just fall into its place.

Y – Yield yourself, your plans and decisions to the Almighty. Accept that with some things you simply cannot change.  He knows your strengths and weaknesses, so stop stressing yourself and let God take the burden.

.These suggestions have made my life a little bit easier and I have since led a more relaxed lower stress life.

PTSD, A Story of Modern-Day Welfare



On my post on “Getting Disability,”  my wife just came in and I did a proof read to her.  She said, “what, you aren’t really getting disability?”   No, it was a joke… just like the issue with modern psychiatric care in America.  The real problems that actually need care, like people with Schizophrenic and Psychotic disorders still having the ability to go out and buy a firearm.  (some of those are actually police, secret service, air martial’s and people that we depend on to help us.)  And there are also pseudo problems that are more in vogue and popular (like PTSD and the internet disorder that I previously wrote about) that seem to be getting all the funding.

No it was actually a joke.  Truthfully,  be it welfare, food stamps, unemployment, disability,  kickbacks graft, whatever,  I couldn’t live with myself if anyone actually thought that I would ever accept a single penny of government funding. Anyone who not only accepts, but actually works toward getting a government handout is a worthless loafer who is destroying this country by squashing the independence our fore fathers worked so hard for and, at the same time advancing the Socialistic (nanny-state) agenda the liberals are pushing.

I realize that some people,  sometimes, have tragedies in their lives.  Bad things happen. For that, there are safety nets set up by the government to prevent a fire,  flood,  health problem or storm from driving you into bankruptcy.  On the other hand,  anyone that is willing to sponge off of the government for no apparent reason, when you are perfectly able to work, makes me sick and disgusted.

When my wife reviewed my post she said, “well, I know some friends that have taken disability and with your recent heart attack, well… “     Then she explained.  Apparently, a nurse that I work with, just managed to acquire a disability waver from work.  She claims that perioperative nursing caused her PTSD and is now getting treatment, medication, a fat Medicare pension, and will probably never work again.   Yep, I am now mad again and back to surfing the political websites to distract me from my anger about my co-worker.




I have what’s now certified as a legitimate “disorder:” the internet.

No kidding. It’s a “disorder.”  I mean, I can’t make this stuff up!

On May 22, the American Psychiatric Association will release an updated version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. There are six notable additions to the manual, among them is ‘internet disorder.’

In short, the new classification signals that people who spend a lot of time on the Internet demonstrate the same symptoms as people diagnosed with other addiction disorders.

In case you are worried that you could suffer from this new disorder, here is list of problematic internet use symptoms with which you can inventory yourself:

• Increased time spent on online activities

• Preoccupation or obsession about online activities

• Failed attempts to set boundaries or control behaviour

• Neglecting important tasks such as school, work or spending time with friends or family

• Dishonesty about activities or time spent online

• Decreased sense of achievement or meaningful engagement in online activities (but continuing to do them anyway)

• Increased emotional responses in association with online activities, e.g. guilt, shame, fear, sadness or anger

• Physical changes such as loss of sleep, weight loss or gain, backaches or headaches

• Attention changes, such as difficulty concentrating, trouble remembering or a frequent lack of awareness of time passing

• Disinterest in other activities that they used to enjoy

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself…on the internet.

Given that I spend only 10 minutes a day online to generate all these posts means I satisfy #5. I’m angry at most political issues that I read about on the internet. (#7) I’ve lost 2 pounds. (#8) Before I know it it’s night time again. (#1 and #9) I can’t control myself. (#3) I forget to eat and call my son. (#4) I can’t win at solitaire. (#6)

Excuse me while I call a doctor and file for my $1400 a month.

h/t Vilmar

The next tenured professor at Columbia?



Protected Superstar Professor at a liberal university?… You know. Like Kathy Boudin. Read this. It is mandatory.

They decided to use dynamite the next time and bought a large quantity along with fuses, metal pipes and, yes, nails. The group designated as its next target a dance at an Officer’s Club at Fort Dix, NJ.

Despite the misgivings of some, it is reported that Kathy Boudin urged the use of “anti-personnel bombs.” In other words, she wanted to kill people not just damage property. Unfortunately, her fellow terrorists were killed in the townhouse explosion. The townhouse itself collapsed and Boudin fled.

She reappeared over a decade later driving the getaway car for the rag tag mix of Weathermen and Black Panthers who held up a RocklandCounty bank in 1981, murdering three in the process.

It will all depend on how things play out politically for the Boston Bomber. If the elites take pity on him, he will become celebrity lecturer pulling down high six figures. If they decide he is more like Timothy McVeigh, he will be put down like a rabid dog.

This guy would do well to learn the language of leftist grievance mongering… and quick (h/t  R.D. Walker)

I guess it all boils down to who you have in your corner as a “friend.”  If you are a member of the known terrorist organization called the “Weather Underground” and are responsible for bombings that killed many people including police officers, you could get a full pardon but a fluffy pension plan.   Obama Friend Bill Ayers was arrested for a very similar bomb that actually killed police officers.  His bomb was made with nails, nuts, bolts and glass.  Very similar to the Boston bomber materials.  Now he is honored as a model citizen in the Democrat party. Go figure.

Tooth Problem



Don’t chew Ice. That’s what I was doing when my tooth broke. It split off like a piece of fire wood. It was a perfectly good tooth with no cavities, fillings or anything. It broke at an angle from the middle of the tooth angling down to just below the gum line. This was alarming, but I didn’t worry. I mean after all, I’m not living in Alabama or some third world country. This is 2013 and I live in the modern world in a metropolitan area near a major medical center. I called for an appointment at the dental school. When my day rolled around, I went in. They sat me down in the chair and looked at my tooth. They scratched their heads and got several other people in progressingly more senior positions in the school to come by and “take a look-see” in my open mouth. Eventually, they transferred me to the “faculty dental facility” which was geographically the same area except down one floor. Once there, a group of much older people stared into my mouth and wrung their hands. Eventually, someone said, “Mr. Taylor, I’m so sorry, but we can’t fix this. It’s broken too badly. It seems that the proximal side is sheered off below the gum line and too close to the bone to be appropriately repaired. I suggest that we pull it out and then work towards getting an implant. We will get you an appointment with the oral surgery department. We can’t do anything else here” Well, I was shocked. I could have gotten this from my sister, the veterinarian back in Alabama… for a whole lot less harm to my wallet. And she would have, at least latched onto it with a pair of pliers and given it an honest try before simply giving up. Once the sucker tubes were removed from my mouth, “OK, now what are you going to do.? I mean, what’s the plan?” The faculty dentist said, “we simply can’t do anything with this. I’m sorry. As I said, we’ll refer you to an oral surgeon.” Just great, another two weeks with a half a tooth to send shock waves down my spine every time I drink anything that is either really hot or really cold.

The two weeks eventually went by and my day in the (surgical) spotlight eventually came. The oral surgeon sat me in the chair. It was strangely a lot like my tooth guy back in Alabama. He took a sharp pointy thing and jabbed it down into the gum line of my bad tooth. When he heard my toes curling under, he pulled it out and said, “hey, is this a little sensitive?” I nodded vigorously although he could clearly see that sweat was already beading up. He poked around a little more with his pointy thingy and eventually gave me a shot of lidocaine to numb up the general area. After my whole head on the port side was numb, he latched onto it with his pliers and began to pulling. After a minute or two he looked at me and said, “hey, this thing is really in there… I think I’m gonna have to break it up and take it out in pieces.” What?… Why does everyone want to share their feelings about this kind of thing. I’m not necessarily that squeamish, but what ever happened to just doing the work in silence? Please just get it done and spare the finer details of exactly how you plan to go about it. He took his drill and cut some holes into the tooth. Then he took a little chisel called an “osteotome” and a little hammer. A few dozen raps with the hammer and I heard a grinding sound deep in my skull like one of those old doors opening in an Indiana Jones movie. I figured that the tooth was breaking up like an asteroid on re-entry. I could still smell the smoke and taste the char from the TPS drill. Then he took a little pry bar with a little cup on the end called a “Curette”. He pulled and pried with this instrument. He had a scrub nurse help hold my head and jaw. As I soon found out that my neck muscles were not as strong as I thought when my whole head would involuntarily cant to the side he was prying towards. By now, the dentist was sweating almost as much as me. The scrub stuffed a few pieces of radio-opaque gauze called “Raytecs” into my mouth. She explained, “this is to keep tooth fragments from slipping down your airway and causing you to choke.” Remember what I was saying about … please spare me the gory details about my broken body parts and the inherent dangers? And why can’t these people just do their work…. well, ditto again.

Eventually he said, “Hey, I think that was the last piece. Wow, that was a hard one… Hey, you know you have the most horrible roots system that I have ever seen down there.” Just great… ditto again on the TMI. Then he put a few stitches in to close up my large gum hole after his mining expedition and gave me some gauze to bite on. The doctor handed me a pain pill Rx and the nurse handed me my jacket. As easy as that, I was off. Thank goodness.

It is said that health care costs are spent 80% on the elderly. Well, I believe it. It’s hell to get old.

On the upside, when it comes to dentistry, all the hammering, and prying, and sweating, and having extra people just to help hold the patient still… It kinda made me a little homesick for Alabama

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