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The Boston Benghazi



Hey,  before I get to blathering about my stupid tooth,  I have just one thing to say about the Boston Marathon bombing.  It came out that there was a person of suspicion in custody.  He was a Saudi Arabian National.  With the current atmosphere with the bias and political correctness in this nation and the national media… a middle Eastern citizen couldn’t possibly be the one causing this mayhem.  It simply must be a right wing nut job, a skin head, a militia member, an abortion protestor… a Christian!

It’s obvious that if they find someone that fit’s their bill on this bombing, the media will blather on and on about it and it will lead to our legislature passing even more restrictive laws to take our freedoms.

Now if my assumptions are correct, and the evidence to the bombing simply cannot be ignored, and the bomber was indeed a citizen of Arab decent, then I feel that this whole thing will be a white washed.  If the national media cannot get their preferred profile of the bomber, then it will turn out to be yet another  Benghazi Cover Up by our political leaders and the media.   It’s a sad world we live in when American news agencies are  less forthcoming than Pravda.


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2 thoughts on “The Boston Benghazi

  1. Sorry about the tooth. There’s no such thing as a “person of suspicion”, and no one’s in custody. They kinda-sorta zeroed in on a person on security-cam, but don’t know who it is yet. These things rarely resolve quickly. It took a year to ID the Summer Olympics bomber (similar bomb and situation), and way longer for the Unabomber.

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