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PTSD, A Story of Modern-Day Welfare



On my post on “Getting Disability,”  my wife just came in and I did a proof read to her.  She said, “what, you aren’t really getting disability?”   No, it was a joke… just like the issue with modern psychiatric care in America.  The real problems that actually need care, like people with Schizophrenic and Psychotic disorders still having the ability to go out and buy a firearm.  (some of those are actually police, secret service, air martial’s and people that we depend on to help us.)  And there are also pseudo problems that are more in vogue and popular (like PTSD and the internet disorder that I previously wrote about) that seem to be getting all the funding.

No it was actually a joke.  Truthfully,  be it welfare, food stamps, unemployment, disability,  kickbacks graft, whatever,  I couldn’t live with myself if anyone actually thought that I would ever accept a single penny of government funding. Anyone who not only accepts, but actually works toward getting a government handout is a worthless loafer who is destroying this country by squashing the independence our fore fathers worked so hard for and, at the same time advancing the Socialistic (nanny-state) agenda the liberals are pushing.

I realize that some people,  sometimes, have tragedies in their lives.  Bad things happen. For that, there are safety nets set up by the government to prevent a fire,  flood,  health problem or storm from driving you into bankruptcy.  On the other hand,  anyone that is willing to sponge off of the government for no apparent reason, when you are perfectly able to work, makes me sick and disgusted.

When my wife reviewed my post she said, “well, I know some friends that have taken disability and with your recent heart attack, well… “     Then she explained.  Apparently, a nurse that I work with, just managed to acquire a disability waver from work.  She claims that perioperative nursing caused her PTSD and is now getting treatment, medication, a fat Medicare pension, and will probably never work again.   Yep, I am now mad again and back to surfing the political websites to distract me from my anger about my co-worker.


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