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I try not to get too political on this blog, but today I’m going to by making a personal request of my readers.


It’s time for firearms owners to take a lesson from the gay rights movement and come out of the closet. Those that would ban firearms need to see and hear from us right now. We need to be respectful, intelligent, and informed, but we need to be visible. We need to say, “We are your daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers and neighbors and friends. We sit next to you at the PTA meeting, worship with you in your church.  We work with you side by side. You know us and you know that we aren’t criminals or murderers. Forget the stereotypes you see in the major televised media;  we are regular people just like you.

Write your elected officials. (You can find your Congressperson here, and your Senators here). Tell them why people like you are not the problem. Encourage them to take real action on the real problems (public safety funding, mental health services, ineffective and dangerous gun-free zone laws etc.) rather than demonizing the vast numbers of law abiding American citizens who simply own guns.

Support the Second Amendment Foundation. Or the NRA. Or your state and local gun rights organizations. Better yet, support all of them. They need your money, but they also need your time and energy and passion.

When Great Britain enacted a ban on firearms, the criminals declared open season on law-abiding citizens. The crime rate soared, and now the UK is the most dangerous country in Europe, with a per capita violent crime rate that exceeds the United   States. The same thing has happened in other countries that have banned guns. The liberal politicians won’t tell you but, the police have no legal responsibility to protect you.  It has already been defeated in the United States Supreme Court.  The police cannot be held responsible for any harm that comes to you from their lack of response. Your access to self-protection is your only guaranteed means of staying safe. Don’t let them take this away.

Don’t think it can’t happen here.

Make your voices heard, now and often. We’ve had historic gains in gun rights in recent years, but the war hasn’t been won yet. Get involved, get active, get visible. Come out of the closet!


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One thought on “Get Involved

  1. I’m all for more active expression of free speech by citizens. I truly am. It helps get ideas out in the open and heard. But I don’t believe in killing, so I can’t publicly demonstrate in support of technologies that make killing easier in any way.

    I’m not really out to see responsible gun owners have their rights unfairly restricted. But for me the bottom line philosophically is that I don’t believe the ownership and use of weapons helps individuals or the world advance and evolve toward greater wisdom and peace. And wisdom and peace are what I care about most, in all places, between all people.

    Jesus didn’t need a gun. Gandhi didn’t need a gun. St. Francis. Gautama Buddha. Lao Tse. Socrates. I could name others I admire and look to as role models, but just those first two are enough to make the point for me.

    I still like “attitude”, even if we disagree 🙂

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