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If we wake up some morning and find several American cities in radioactive ruins, courtesy of a nuclear Iran, or North Korea, nobody is going to care whether the president who lets this happen is the first black president or the last Caucasian president.  No matter what happens,  many people will continue to  vote for symbolism, as if an election is a popularity contest, like choosing a college’s homecoming queen or parade marshal.

Thomas Sowell


Yes, the things you do, the things you say, the people you support or hang with make a difference.  You actions do have consequences.  Even the people you vote for makes a difference.

I  can’t believe the people who voted for a President simply because he was handsome, or because he said he would give them a free cell phone, or additional money in their welfare check,  or any number of stupid things he promised or might have promised the useful idiots of  America.

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One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. I do applaud your intent to make vote choices based on reasons more substantial than “being handsome”. However, look at who has won since the 1960 election. It’s ALWAYS the person who comes across better on-camera, the one the audience would rather hang around with, whoever appears more personable. By comparison to the power of TVQ, policy positions are less relevant. Personal charisma is how most people choose leaders. They vote for who “appears” more trustworthy. It doesn’t matter if it’s real or an act.

    Compare Romney to Obama on that basis. There’s no contest. It wasn’t about the “gimmes”.

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