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Time for a Refresher Riot

Does anyone out there remember the Rodney King riots?   For the youngsters, There was this dirt bag who was arrested by a cop for drugs.  He resisted arrest and struck one of the cops.  Four of his buddies piled on with night sticks and proceeded to give him a civil lesson on what not to say to a cop.  The whole thing was videoed by a bystander and immediately fed to the national media,  who played it non-stop for days.  The useful idiots in the black community rallied and caused racial tensions to skyrocket.  There was a trial and one of the cops was let off.  After being whipped into a frenzy by Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, the black community in LA rioted.  Because of the racial tension in the preceding trial, the entire police force abstained from this party.  People were killed and businesses were burned.  There were a very few businesses that were spared.  A Korean store owner was armed with an AR-15 rifle.  The media went on to talk about how it was wrong “to protect yourself” with a firearm.  But what are you to do if the police fail?   Well, guess what? Their store was not looted or burned to the ground. They exercised their 2nd amendment rights and protected themselves and personal property. Hats off to them. So are we about to see a replay of the L.A. riots after the Zimmerman verdict?  I think so.

So when are blacks in this country going to wake up? Wake up to the fact that they are being played by the media and the political hacks in the Democrat party. The entire George Zimmerman trial is nothing more than a media circus to ignite racial tension and possibly riots in this country. From past posting of Trayvon Martin’s pics as a young innocent boy vs. his appearance later in life.

Don’t forget all the pro rioting Tweets released through the news channels and mass media. This whole event is nothing more than a planned race war in the making when George Zimmerman is found innocent which I predict could easily happen. Race and religion are mechanisms to pit one people against another and it has been going on for centuries. Maybe the blacks will wake up this time and not fall into the same stupid trap as the L.A. riots. If any riot type activity occurs,  I’m confident they will be used to implement further restrictions and laws upon our freedom and civil liberties.   For the black people of America, wake the hell up and forget about Sharpton and Jackson. They really could care less whether you live or die. They just want to make money and to further their own personal agenda.  Wake up to the fact that you have been denied any positive role models in society and given rappers and gangsters. From Huggy Bear to Lil Wayne and Jay Z today. Educate yourselves and stop being played.

Let us not forget the Paula Deen hoopla about using the “N word”. Just another planned media story to stir racial tensions to go along with the Zimmerman trial. Does anyone really give a crap about Paula Deen, who she is, or  if she used the N word or not so many years ago?   Hell, just look at her show a bit.  From listening to her talk and viewing her girth, I can safely make the assumption that  her level of education, or lack there of,  that her “N word” probably stands for Neapolitan ice cream!!


Irony in the Court System



My friend Kelly works on an Exxon tug boat.  He sent me this story from Texas.  I don’t know if there is any shred of truth to it at all.  But it reads like a news story and it made me laugh.  With the Supreme Court hoopla and gay rights,  well,  a light, humorous story about the craziness of the American court system, and that’s all I needed.  So anyhow, I’m too lazy to look it up for the fact check.  So I decided to just share it with you and put it up as simply a “humorous story.”

Lucky Lil’s lounge and brothel began construction on an expansion project.  It seems that they need a larger building to increase their ever-growing business. In response, the local BaptistChurch across the street started a campaign to block the business from expanding — with morning, afternoon, and evening prayer sessions at their church. Work on Lucky’s bar progressed right up until the week before the grand re-opening when lightning struck the brothel and burned it to the ground!

After the cat-house was burned by the lightning strike, the church folks were rather smug in their outlook, bragging about “the power of prayer.”

But late last week ‘Big Jugs’ Jill Diamond, the owner/madam, sued the church, the preacher and the entire congregation on the grounds that the church … “was ultimately responsible for the demise of her building and her business — either through direct or indirect divine actions or means.”

In its reply to the court, the church vehemently and voraciously denied any and all responsibility or any connection to the building’s demise.

The crusty old judge read through the plaintiff’s complaint and the defendant’s reply, and at the opening hearing he commented, “I don’t know how the heck I’m going to decide this case, but it appears from the paperwork, that we now have a liquor establishment and whorehouse owner who staunchly believes in the power of prayer, and a Baptist preacher and his entire church congregation that claims that it’s all a bunch of crap!” 

 Unfortunately, even if this story is not true, it seems that this is the way the  ridiculousness of the American  justice system is going.  Also it seems that our belief in the Christian faith seems to be waning based on convenience and not what is right or wrong.  

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden parading as “devout Catholics”  and the Catholic church (and the Pope) all just fine with it is just one example that I’ll throw out there.    Just for the record,  when the end or  “The Apocalypse” finally comes,  there will be a whole bunch of people in for a really big surprise.

Free Love



I am not a “homophobe.”  I don’t care a whit about gay issues or gay rights.  Personally, I am still a Libertarian and I don’t ask,  and I don’t want them to tell me all about their gay stuff either.   It has been a real non-issue with me… but I really don’t  like what just went down with the gay issue and the Supreme Court.  I mean this can’t mean anything good for this country.  I predict that we will see a host of law suits turning out very soon now that the Supreme court has made their wishes known.  For one, very soon there will be discrimination suits against any state that still restricts gay marriage.  Second, there will be suits nationwide on what is allowed to marry.  The “Man-Boy Association”  will probably be the first to weigh in on the legal wave.  Next will be the polygamists.  I mean, why restrict marriage to two people?  In America today, there is no good reason.

Sen. Al Franken recently issued a statement saying, “Our country is starting to understand that it’s not about what a family looks like: it’s about their love and commitment to one another.” Polygamists couldn’t agree more.

I mean, who are we to say that two or three or even four consenting adults — who want to make a lifelong commitment to love one another — shouldn’t be allowed to do so?

What’s magical about the number two… even if it’s only two gay people?  See where this is going?

In fact, you could argue that there is an even better argument for polygamy than for same sex marriage. For one thing, there’s a long tradition, just look at the heroes of the Old Testament. (Christian and Muslim alike.)  It’s also intimately tied to religious practice, which means that by prohibiting polygamy, we might also be undermining the “free exercise thereof.”

Why should we impose our values on others?

Historically, culturally, religiously, biologically and anthropologically polygamy is on a much firmer ground than gay marriage ever was. Based on the recent Supreme Court ruling, what possible justification can there be to continue to prohibit polygamy?

Well, supporters of gay marriage intensely oppose polygamy. It dilutes their victory, you know. They don’t want to be associate with “those perverts”. (pedophiles are still OK)  Gay marriage is special, they argue.

I don’t think so. I think the United States government owes descendants of 19th century Mormons an apology for violating their constitutional rights.  I think reparations must be paid to these poor people who were obviously discriminated against based on their religious practices.

Funny Story…

I have a very good friend who quit our university teaching hospital to go work with the Catholics.   This hospital is a bit smaller and when economic times are hard, just like any business, he gets sent home when the census is low.  Fortunately for us older guys, we have something many others nurses don’t have…  “experience.”  We both have worked many areas and many hospitals over the years and can flex without the stress most other newer nurses have.  My friend was in the PACU the other night and told me this story about a patient and I got a chuckle.  I thought I’d share.

The other night…an old man with the last name of Dick…(story is funny already)…anyway  he had hearing aids and without them, he was stone deaf.  The operating room staff usually take the hearing aids and put them into a little baggy and hangs them from the IV pole on the bed to prevent them from getting lost.  Because the family had made a big deal about explaining how “expensive” his new hearing aids were, the pre-op nurse took the aids and baggy and gave it all to the wife to keep.  Mr. Dick could still hear a little,  but you had to really yell and even then it was spotty.

When the patient came out of surgery, I started calling for his wife.  She was not in the waiting room where she was suppose to be… just great.  Maybe she had gotten a bite to eat.  I sent out someone to find her.  She eventually turned up and we reclaimed the coveted “really expensive” hearing aids.  I put them in his ears so he could hear when he eventually awoke.  He was still in very lethargic from his anesthesia and had a little while to go.

This was considered “outpatient surgery” and he  was destined to go home.  Unfortunately, with all out patient procedures, the patient must perform a few simple tricks before he can be turned out.  1. you must eat or drink without nausea, 2. walk with a steady gait, and 3. pee without difficulty.

The Anesthesia MD wanted to leave the unit to get a bite to eat.  He wanted to be sure that the patient could urinate prior to his departure.  The only alternative to the inability to void is to put in a foley catheter and this procedure required a written order.  To prevent the potential of being called back, the doctor wanted to get this done right now.  So without warning and without talking to any of the nurses, he walked up to the barely awake patient, emerging from anesthesia, and he himself holds the urinal in one hand and the penis in the other and starts shouting at the top of his lungs…MR DICK YOU NEED TO PEE…GO AHEAD AND PEE, MR DICK…

The patient’s eyes popped opened and he recoiled in terror.

The PACU nurses and I were laughing…too hard to respond…and so we finally said. Doctor, his first name is xxxxx….and you don’t have to shout…his hearing aids are in and he can hear just fine.  Oh, and maybe you should try to gently explain what you are doing before you grab someone else’s penis.

From my friend Russ

America’s newest allies

Posted by jdtaylor on June 23, 2013


I found this article over at my friends at “The Real Revo”

Our President is sending our US marines to Syria.  He seems to think that it’s in the best  interest of the United States to help out the rebels.  Now the Russians have been watching all of this as it unfolds.  They are supportive of the Syrian government and Obama is working to overthrow that very government by helping the rebels.  Because we have sent arms and troops to Syria, the Russians feel that it’s in their interest to sent troops and arms to help the Syrian government.  Now do you see where this is going?  It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to add up where this is headed.  It’s Russian troops against American troops… its by proxy now.  But pretty soon as this thing escalates,  and as relations erodes, it will be us against them.

I ask, is it really worth it?   Are these rebels really the kind of people that we want to help?   I think not.

Meet the men Obama is going to arm.

Syrian rebels beheaded a Christian man and fed his body to dogs, according to a nun who says the West is ignoring atrocities committed by Islamic extremists.

The nun said taxi driver Andrei Arbashe, 38, was kidnapped after his brother was heard complaining that fighters against the ruling regime behaved like bandits.

She said his headless corpse was found by the side of the road, surrounded by hungry dogs. He had recently married and was soon to be a father.

Sister Agnes-Mariam de la Croix said: ‘His only crime was his brother criticized the rebels, accused them of acting like bandits, which is what they are.’

Maybe Obama should do universal background checks on these guys before we give them weapons, huh? Nah, that’s just for Tea Partiers.

For the record, the slogan below was created for situations EXACTLY like that which exists in Syria today.

Palin: ‘Let Allah Sort It Out’



Sara Palin is back in the news once again.  I love that woman.   I mean, she’s the only person in the history of this country  that can just sit by the fire at her lakefront home and cause liberal heads to explode.  She can take a simple phrase, and in the process boil it all down to the basics.  Pure and simple common sense,  explained in a way that all liberals can understand (using small and simple words)  and the liberals hate it with a passion.   Sara Palin is a nobody.  She’s not even the governor anymore.  She’s just a housewife of an oil field worker,  and yet she can still make them screech like that… I love it.

When it comes to foreign policy,  I’ll admit  Sara Palin is no Henry Kissinger.  But in dealing with the Syrians, I’ll agree  with her 100%.

More here

What do you think the Syrians would have to say if there were a civil war between differing religious factions here  in the United States? They’d say exactly what she said.

I have a son in the army and I am deeply concerned.  The Pentagon has already sent some of our finest Marines to Syria and this is utterly stupid.  We are on the verge of a horrific conflict.  Because we are supporting and sending arms  to aid the rebels, Russia is sending aid the Syrian government.    My son has even told me that where the Syrians are concerned, they all hate us.  If we support  the rebels, they say, “you weak Americans will never follow through with giving us real weapons.”  If we commit and send the military along with air support,  they will say, “you infidel Americans, you and your imperialistic views, you only want our oil and our wealth…”  I  say, let’s drill in our own country and become oil independent.   Then let’s leave the Middle Eastern people to live or die on their own.

We have no interest in Syria and we have no business there. Neither side represents anything like American values.  Both sides hate our guts and despise our culture.  None the less, President Obama has unilaterally decided to interfere in a civil war there. There is no way he can win.  There is no upside for the United States. The two sides are Al-Qaida and Hezbollah. Neither side believe in an American-style concept of freedom or democracy for their people.

Why should we get involved at all? It will only bring very bad things to our country. Why should we care if the Arabs kill each other off?  They’ve been killing each other for thousands of years.   This is no different.

Settling In



I know I said that I would post a bunch to “get caught up” on my writing.  I have written a bunch of stuff “offline” while sitting around waiting for the little woman to make a decision as to where we would eventually end up.  As it turns out, we are settling in well in our new house and I have internet access of my very own.  The downside,  my wife has about sixty million “honey do” items for me to cover as we settle in.  I need this couch moved here.  I need this picture hung here.  I need you to move this here… It never ends,  or at least, for now, it seems that way.  I mean, I didn’t think that we had so many pictures to hang on the wall.  Hundreds!   You can’t just drive a nail and hang it.  It has to be “centered!”   Equal distance from the door and the window,  just so many inches from the ceiling and from the floor to match the other one on the other side of the room.  Don’t ask me the logic,  I just do what she says.  You can’t make logic from a woman’s mind anyhow.  I just measure and do it.  The problem I have is that she wants this 80 pound picture to hang in a specific place.  I mean it can’t vary more then a half centimeter off from where she marked “the spot.”.  The hangers are key-holes in a strange place on the back.   I say “no problem”  I’ll just measure up and over and drive the nail.  I mean all paintings or picture frames are made with even number measurements,  right?  It seems not.  It seems that all of her picture frames were made in Mongolia or somewhere where they measure in cubits… or something other then centimeters or inches.  Every measurement is an odd number, like 6 and 13/16ths.  I flip the measuring tape and get the same length in metric.  It measures out at 17.3 centimeters.  What no round numbers?  Then she says,  “hey honey, did you get one of those nails into a stud?  It’s heavy and you probably need to get a stud to hold the weight…”

Lets just say, it may be a little while longer before I can get caught up on my blog posting.




I’ve finally moved into my new house.  Or actually “my wife’s house” that we have finally gotten moved into.  Today the internet guy came.  He worked on my internet for several hours.  He spoke very little English and my Spanish was a little rusty.  I could ask him to “take a deep” breath and “if he was having pain”, and “what number was his pain,” but that was about the extent of it.  Eventually, we worked out what we were trying to say to each other.  He said that he couldn’t get the internet up and running today and I was saying basically “the hell you say.”  Eventually he called his supervisor, who came in and stood around and worked as a translator.  His English was only slightly better than his workers. It seems that the internet cable was in the wall and they couldn’t get to it.  He said, “how about you ask your builder where the end is, and we can come back and connect to it.”  I said,  “I’ll just cut this wire that we see right here and pull the short end out for you to splice into it… you’re not leaving until I have a good internet connection… how about that”  They didn’t seem to be happy with my insistence.  They talked among themselves and wrung their hands and after about another 30 minutes, still no internet.  I went out to my truck and got my wire snips.  I cut the wire and said, “there!… whichever end has the internet coming through, splice into that.  I don’t give a crap what’s on the other end, if anything.”  They looked at each other and went to work.  I don’t know what was the issue, unless maybe I was on a “party line” of internet users with that cable and there were other users on down the line.  Oh well.

Needless to say, I had internet and it was running pretty good actually in my own home.  Not at Starbucks, Safeway,  Panera Bread,  Natures, or any other of a dozen places that I had to hock Wi-Fi service from.  It was tedious and frustrating to search and then figure how to connect every time I needed to check my mail or make a post.  Now, thanks to my persistence and insistence enough to over ride my internet guy’s work ethic, I can surf and post from the privacy of my own living room!

A Squirrely Story


gi joe

A scrub tech told me a story today.  She said that she was deeply saddened by an incident that happened to her “on the way home from work yesterday.”  I was trying to comfort her and assuming that it might be family problems.  Maybe a sick cancer riddled grandmother or something.  I thought I’d try to help by getting her to talk it out. Share her feelings.  Women like to do that.  I had a few psych classes back in nursing school and I was sure I could help.  If nothing else, I needed the practice.  Anyway, I asked opened ended questions and she told me.

“Well, it went like this.  I was driving home from work yesterday and a squirrel ran out and I hit him.  He was injured and twitching and spazaming on the side of the road.  I felt terrible.  The squirrel twitched and looked like he was suffering.  I wanted to stop but the traffic was heavy.  I then decided to turn around and go back.  My daughter was with me and she was not as sensitive as I.  She said, Mom, you can’t go back, that thing might have diseases, let it die in peace.  I was horrified that she would be so unfeeling. I wanted to turn around and get a box and a little blanket and help him stay warm and comfort  him until he finally passed away.  I argued with my daughter and eventually I couldn’t stand it.  I turned around and went back.  When I got back to the spot, he was gone.  I just knew he had crawled off into the woods somewhere and was suffering terribly.”

She looked at me and said, “well, isn’t that a horrible  story?”  I couldn’t keep it up.  “It’s just a squirrel… a tree rat.  I’m sorry, back home, I shoot them all day and eventually get enough to make a stew.”  She looked at me and suddenly looked like she might cry.  “I was just kidding… here I’ve got a squirrel story that has a happy ending,”  and she perked up just a little.   I started,  “Well,  I was heading to Vernonia a few weeks ago with my wife.  We were talking and weaving through that tiny mountain road.  Then all of a sudden a squirrel ran out.  I hit the breaks and squealed and swerved almost going off the cliff.  Then cla-clump! I heard the squirrel under the tires.  I managed to correct the skid just in time and we didn’t go into the ravine.  But it scared me pretty bad.  We both looked back to see the totally dead and totally flat squirrel in the middle of the road.   My wife started yelling at me saying,  I can’t believe you killed the squirrel.  The cute little squirrel… you killed it.  I was getting a little angry and I responded,  Hey, you saw me swerve and skid, you think I wasn’t trying to miss it… and it still managed to get under my tires.  She looked back and said, Hey, because you swerved it was killed.  Those things have natural instincts.  He was running to get across in the right amount of time.  Because you unexpectedly hit the breaks, you threw off his timing.  If you would have kept driving, he would have made it.  I fumed.  I mean, how could you argue with that.  It was pure woman logic. I drove on to Vernonia.  Well, things were going fine and almost forty minutes into the ride we were coming into town.  We both had almost forgotten about the hit and run squirrel accident.  Just then, I saw another squirrel running across the road.  It was a wide straight city street and the rodent  had started from the opposite side.  He was making a B-line straight for me at a dead full-squirrel-sprint- speed.  I didn’t swerve.  I didn’t hit the breaks.  I tried to keep going at the same constant speed.  Just as the squirrel disappeared under the car,  I cringed and closed my eyes… and then we heard the ca-thump of the squirrel inter the tires.  We both turned around and looked back.  That poor squirrel was flatter than bible paper and not even a single twitch.  I looked over at my dear wife.  I could tell that she was a bit embarrassed over her anger out-burst from the first squirrel death.  I said, “Well.”  She looked a little sheepishly and said,  Hmmm… I guess his timing may have been  a little off.”


The nurse said,  “What?  that was a terrible story.”  Blinking back the unbelief of her disappointment, “Well, it wasn’t so sad… and now we know it wasn’t the timing thing… I mean with your squirrel.”

Flat Tax Anyone?



While at work I ran into a nurse who just happened to be the most liberal person ever.  He came up from the stand-alone clinic to help up out.   Now, we all know the liberal stereotype. Over-educated but inexperienced, neck beard, unbathed, lazy sacks of… potatoes?  Sure, potatoes works. This man is that stereotype made flesh. He actually lives in a commune type place in  East Portland.

I try my best to avoid political conversations, I really do. Unfortunately, I have my mother’s temper and my father’s pride. When someone starts to spout off with pure unadulterated stupidity, I sometimes can’t help myself.

I’ll spare you the details of the conversation. In short, I replied that the recent scandal with the IRS points to an absolute necessity for a flat tax system. The response fit the conversation. I really thought it made sense. So did he.

“Well no sh*t, Sherlock,” he replied.

What? There is no way, and I mean it just couldn’t be possible that a commune living,   wacko  liberal just agreed with me on anything… especially  that the fact that a flat tax was necessary…  could it?   I wanted to think that we found some common ground. In a sick, twisted way, we did. I asked for clarification in his opinion just to make sure.

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